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Measures To Be Taken Against Employee Theft

Most certainly, employees are the greatest asset of and the pivotal force behind any business establishment. But exceptions might be there! It is good to be sure about your employees but certain amount of surveillance will do no bad.

A recent survey left merchants in shock by apprising that one out of every 40 employees was discerned for theft. You don’t have to get paranoid about your employees but being a little skeptical about issues such as employee accountability, employee theft will obviously put you in a better situation. Just be prepared for undesirable situations too!

So, we have got you some help here by jotting down few tips to track employee activities and get rid of serious things like employee theft. Let’s have a look:

  1. Don’t buy bad apples. Carry out an adequate amount of background screening and a drug test on all prospective employees before hiring them. Employees, who are addicted to drugs, are more likely to steal in order to support their habit. Also, checkout if they have any allegations of cheating, theft, or similar incidents to their name in the past.

People have a tendency to repeat their habits and stealing is no exclusion. Thus, if they have been convicted for theft in the past, then you might not want to hand over the cashier space to them.

  1. Use the buddy system. It is advisable to employ at least two people for the same job, specifically in the field of merchandising. Chances of theft increase in cases where worker is alone at the store. Thus, the presence of another person in the room would most likely force the would-be burglar to drop the idea of stealing. Also, keep rotating the employees and employ a manager to keep an eye on the day to day transactions.
  2. Keep a virtual eye on employees.When employees are aware that they are being observed, then it is obvious that they would display an expected behavior. A security camera or a complete surveillance system not only helps to deter away outside thieves but inside ones as well. If such an event occurs even then, you will at least have a solid video proof against the criminal. To add, place your cameras in the most critical areas such as entrances, storage rooms, loading area and cashier desk etc. High definition security systems would help you identify critical feature like license plate numbers and faces much easily.
  3. Monitor trash removal. In the textile industry, employees often steal clothes by hiding them in the outgoing trash. They later retrieve them from the dumpster or the trashcan. Possible solutions for such kind of stealing could be using transparent garbage bags or flattening all garbage boxes before dumping them.
  4. Take help of your employees.Develop some confidential way for your workers to report any suspicious behavior of their co-workers. This information can be beneficial for preventing employee theft at an early stage. If one knows that tens of people around them are watching and can report, he/she will think twice before committing any crime.
  5. Get to know your employees. It is always harder to steal from someone to whom we are emotionally attached. Try to connect with your employees as much as you can and take every single step to build stronger relationship with them. For example: If any of your employees is going through some difficulties, try to help them. It may be showing them the right path, connecting them with charitable communities, or providing them the opportunity to do extra work.

When your staff feels that you care, they are much more honest. Take care of your employees well and they will surely return the favor in a positive manner.

Hope these tips would keep your business and your trust in employees safe and secure!


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