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Kendall Collins Brings More Expertise to Algolia’s Team

Kendall Collins, the former CEO of Salesforce Cloud and current CMO of AppDynamics, has signed on to Algolia‘s board, bringing all the expertise collected by several years in the field. His main goals include keeping the San Francisco-based company on the path of success as well as reaching out for potential new (and bigger) clients.

Algolia is a technological startup that has, so far, raised $21 million in investment, coming from different sources such as Accel Partners, the Y Combinator and 500 Startups accelerator programs, and Docker founder Solomon Hykes. It develops an array of tools that improves search within websites and apps, something that traditional search engines like Google are not very good at.

Other than the huge investment already amassed by this startup, Algolia’s client portfolio is also a clear indication that their tools work and have potential to become more widely used: Medium, Twitter’s Periscope, and Microsoft’s calendar app Sunrise are just some of them.

Commenting on this move, Collins highlighted the potential lying in Algolia’s Search Platform and API:

“Google continues to raise the bar for delightful search for end users, and most companies and apps are failing to keep pace with that user experience. When I first tried Algolia, it was clear to me that their Search Platform and API approach is the future for easily building incredibly fast and relevant search inside any application.

Algolia has already proven to be trusted by enterprises and loved by developers. Anyone can try it now on Product Hunt, Hacker News, or leading sites and apps such as Periscope, Arcteryx, Medium and Vevo. They have just successfully deployed at one of the top 5 software companies in the world and also at one of the top 5 retailers. And this is just the beginning. It is an honor to work with a team that has such a strong technical vision and an equally caring and compassionate culture.”

Kendall spent 12 years at Salesforce as their global CMO and, more recently, as the CEO of Salesforce Cloud. In this last role, his responsibilities included search and Salesforce’s internal open source implementation. More recently, he joined AppDynamics as their CMO.

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