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Slimming pants for weight loss

You may have realized by now that all those pills advertised as the silver bullets to weight loss tend to promise much, but in actuality, deliver less. The only true and realistic way to lose weight effectively is through exercise and good eating habits.

Here is where slimming pants for weight loss come in. Worn while exercising, they promise to help you lose weight at a faster rate. Compared to wearing normal training pants.

How do slimming pants work?

Slimming pants, otherwise known as hot pants or sauna pants, have a bike short appearance. They are mostly made of wetsuit material but offer more comfort.

They work by using your body heat to increase perspiration; the increase rate may be as high as 75%. The perspiration, in turn, leads to weight loss by burning more calories.

Since hot pants increase the amount of sweat released by the body during a workout, that only means you will also lose more water. To avoid dehydration, experts suggest taking as much water as possible. You may add supplements like alpha Lion cheetah Burn as it helps boost metabolism and gives you the energy to go on exercising.

Previously athletes majorly used hot pants as they helped them sweat faster, have plasma volume increase, and gave them better heat toleration. Briefly stated, all these features improved the athlete’s performance in his or her respective sport. Then research showed the pants also helped in weight loss.

A research team from the High altitude Exercise physiology program conducted a study to see how the pants aided weight loss. The study compared the number of calories burnt while exercising using slimming pants to wearing normal pants. Those wearing the sauna pants burnt 15% more calories than those wearing normal pants.

Zaggora did a similar, more recent study. A UK-based company sells athletic wear (Hot wear) to check the exact number of kilograms lost by people who exercised using hot pants.

At the beginning of the study, all 40 participants were weighed. Their weights were recorded. They were divided into two groups of twenty each. One group handed slimming pants while the other was issued with normal training pants. Both groups performed the same exercises with the same durations.

The two groups were also under the same diet, all through the two-week research period. After two weeks, the participant’s weight was measured. The research revealed that those who trained using normal shorts lost a paltry 2kilograms compared to the other 4 kilograms.

However, you should note that the research does not necessarily mean exercising for two weeks while wearing slimming pants .will guarantee to lose 4 kilograms. This is because the research did not reveal factors such as the type of diet they had, type of exercise, and exercise duration.

Benefits of slimming pants

  • Improved diastolic and systolic blood pressure.
  • Reduced waist circumference
  • Improved VO2 max; which is a measure of cardiovascular endurance
  • Increased fat oxidation; refers to the body’s ability to burn fat.
  • Decrease in fasting blood glucose; which is a maker used for prediabetes and diabetes
  • Increase in metabolic resting rate; this is the number of calories that your body burns while resting.
  • Increased EPOC, which in turn leads to more calorie burn and heightened fat and Carb oxidation.
  • Everything that has a positive effect also has negative side effects. Slimming pants is no exception. Outlined are some of their disadvantages:
  • Hyperthermia – refers to conditions that are caused by excessive body heating
  • Dehydration – occurs when the body losses more water compared to the amount it acquires
  • • Myoglobinuria –occurs when there is the presence of myoglobin in the urine. Mostly results from a muscle injury or Rhabdomyolysis
  • • Rhabdomyolysis – caused by direct or indirect muscle injury. It is a serious condition.

Measures you can take to avoid the side effects.

  • Take plenty of water during exercise – this will prevent dehydration
  • Have short work out sessions, about 30 minutes – Slimming pants strain your muscles. Hence experts recommend working out for shorter durations.
  • Listen to your body – consider relaxing when you feel the exercise is taking a toll on you.

Factors to look out for when picking weight loss pants

  • Size – slimming pants tend to be tight in nature. Please check the size when getting one. Wearing a small-sized pant could lead to health issues.
  • Material – weight loss pants are made of different materials. Before buying, check that the material you choose will not affect you in any way.
  • Cost – as a rule of thumb, one should get items that fit their budget.

Best slimming pants for weight loss

1. Wonder Shapers

Wonder shapers are easy to use and can serve numerous purposes, such as walking, exercises, or doing your daily home chores. The wonder shaper promise to get you tired after an exercise as they make your body use more energy while exercising. That means one thing; more calories burnt, thus quicker weight loss.

2. Verseo Sauna Sweat Pants

They are a nice pair of pants to have. Being unisex, no one is left out. No matter your size, big small, even if you are neither big nor small, the pants will surely fit as they have waists from 28 to 54 inches.

Verseo also boasts comfortable fabric material .Made from soft polyacrylic with fiber cotton fill and is lined with an adjustable thermal heat setting. Meaning you can get warmed up by just wearing them, without exercising.

3. Zaggora Hot Pants

Zaggora is a pioneer in the slimming pants industry. They provide a well-fitting weight loss pant that is sure to give you value for money. The weight loss pant is made of strong and comfortable material. With Zaggora hot pants, you are sure that they will serve you for a long time, as the pats are highly durable.

Practicing healthy eating habits and wearing slimming pants while exercising, is a good way to fast track your weight loss journey. However, care should be taken to avoid developing health problems.

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