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Published on September 20th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


5 Ways to Make Your Phone Last Longer

Consumers were so happy when SMS text message arrived on the scene, and they thought life couldn’t get any more convenient. Long gone are the days when simple mobile upgrades were enough. Each new model of iPhone, Android, or Google-based smartphone rolled out shows just how much consumers aren’t satisfied. Service providers offer phone upgrades every two years and company-trade offers. The devices we hold have to be bigger and better or else they have no value. This isn’t entirely accurate, but there is something about that shiny new case and peeling back the protective plastic. Whether or not you are choosing to upgrade, there are some simply tricks to making your smartphone work for you. These can help you get the most out of your investment.

1. Take Control of Battery Life

You would think with all that smartphones can do these days, it would be capable of charging itself. Since it isn’t, you can maximize your battery life. The most frustrating experience is having your phone die in the middle of a call or a new high scoring game you’ve been stuck on for hours. Reducing the phone brightness, auto-lock features, blocking notifications, and reducing app activity in the background are just a few of the ways to improve your battery life.

2. Be Smart With App Activity

Although apps can be a valuable tool throughout the day, the wrong apps can eat at your phone’s functionality. Apps from newer developers with little credentials aren’t able to address the bugs and quirks that the software may be experiencing, while those who rely on an error monitoring tool for app users are able to adjust and fix areas of complication. Don’t spend your time and resources on lesser-known apps without quality reviews and consistent updates. The older an app is, the greater the potential for crashes and bugs.

3. Free Up Storage Space

Newer smartphones are loaded with incredible space limits, but this is only if you aren’t snap happy with the camera or always downloading games and entertainment. It can seem like a disaster when your memory is full and the party has just gotten started. Freeing up storage space through cloud-based memory can help improve your phone’s response time, but it can also make sure you don’t have to delete some memories in order to make room for others.

4. Stay Under Your Data Limit

Although many service providers are opting for more inclusive plans that offer unlimited data connections, there are some individuals who still have restricted usage. Running out of data can decrease the performance of your phone, in that there will be apps and programs you can’t operate unless connected to wireless internet. It can also increase how much you are spending with your mobile carrier, as overage charges can be pretty steep.

5. Charge Your Phone Correctly

Over time, the battery life on your phone will wear down and take longer times to charge. Once it is charged, you may notice that it doesn’t last as long as it used to. This is a headache that might only be solved with updated software, but there are ways to improve your battery life. Experts suggest that you let your device drain down to about 50% before recharging it again, as it will help improve the battery life. Lithium-ion batteries have a certain number of charges they can hold, and by continually plugging in your phone, you can waste the charge cycles when the phone is not in dire need.

It doesn’t look like society will be able to live without its devices. Fortunately, through the right use and attention, you can help your device meet its full functionality.

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