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Phone Cases That Do More Than Just Protect Your Phone

Gone are the days when phone cases were meant to just protect your phone. Today, there are phone cases that are not only act as protective phone covers but are also useful for a host of different reasons. Here are some of them.

Charge on the go

If you’ve stepped out without charging your phone, the red icon that shows before the power goes out may leave you feeling annoyed, panicked and hunting for a spare charger. Not with a battery case. These are the type of phone cases that not only protect your phone but also charge it. The phone’s screen shows the battery’s status and you get a notification for the amount of time left before your phone gets completely drained. Battery cases are available for phones of almost all make and model, and they come in many vibrant colours.

Take great selfies

If you’re fond of taking selfies, the ‘selfie case’ is perfect for you! What this phone case does is, adjust the lighting to make sure your photos come out looking great. Some of the most common types of selfie cases are illuminated from all four sides offering a good lighting effect, especially when the natural lighting isn’t sufficient. Good news is, some of these cases don’t eat up your phone battery; instead, they run on their own batteries. This case is available for both iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7/8 plus.

Type more efficiently

This type of phone cases are called keyboard cases. They are great for writers, students or anyone who wants to type long texts on their phone. The attachable keyboard on these cases makes it easier to type, anywhere you are. Keyboard cases are for you if you’re someone who wants to write or edit an essay, answer your emails, or do some minor writing task on your phone.

Carry your tool set

Do you love Swiss Knives? If yes, this phone cover is for you. Known as ‘toolkit case’, this type of cover gets its name from the fact that it has a complete tool set — including screwdrivers, wrenches, cork opener, springing scissors, nail file, and so on. If you are into DIYs, this case can be quite handy for you. But even if you are not a DIY-er, it can be useful in many day-to-day tasks such as fixing your bike or tightening a screw.

Store extra SIM cards

Some phone cases come with a tiny pocket to carry an extra SIM card — a great feature for travellers. When you use a temporary SIM while travelling in a foreign country, you can use the space provided in your phone case to store your original SIM card safely.

No need to carry a wallet

With ‘wallet cases’, you get the advantage to use a single case for carrying your phone and your cash and cards. The most popular wallet phone case is the folio style. It folds over the phone, covering the back and the front. Some folio wallet style cases have places to store ID, credit cards and business cards while some can be turned into stands for your phone.

Case Haven offers phone cases in these styles and more. With new features being incorporated into phone cases, they are performing more functions than you’ve ever imagined. Give them a try and you’ll agree that phone cases indeed do more than just protect a phone!

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