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Amazing Facts about Security Cameras

Either you switch on your TV or browse the news on your smart phone; you usually get to know about various mishaps related to burglary, theft and such similar incidents. The escalated growth rate of crime has led to an increased need of advanced security equipment.

Everyone wants to protect their family, assets & establishments and in the present days, people are opting more and more for the leading-edge measures and devices. One such massively popular equipment is the surveillance system. These systems are installed in places that need constant monitoring such as airports, banks, government institutes, military setups, etc.


One system package consists of several cameras (besides other devices) that are placed at different locations and continuously monitor each activity. The greatest advantage of this hardware is that you get a solid video proof against any and every ambiguous event. With the latest developments in technology, these systems today provide state-of-the-art networking features like the ability to watch real-time video footage from any remote location.

Not many people know all the details about the surveillance kit. Let’s explore some of these lesser known facts.

  1. Security cameras have been around for a while now!

The very first use of these devices came into existence around 1942 when Siemens, an engineering company, installed the first security system to observe the launch of V2 rocket at test stand VII. The responsibility of complete installation and design was allotted to Walter Bruch.

The next big event in the development of video surveillance equipment took another 20 years. In 1962, video monitoring equipment was installed in Olean, New York to monitor public places and deter crime in the business district.

Also, it won’t come as a surprise if you come to know that the first industry to adopt them was the “Banking Industry”. Obviously, they need the cameras most!

  1. There are a lot of cameras in the world!

It will blow your mind when you would get to know that our world is using approximately 25 million cameras at present. It’s hard to believe, right?  But, when you would know the count of the cameras at the Singapore airport alone (3000 is just an approximation); it will not remain as a shock to you!

  1. Night vision cameras can see that your eyes can’t!

Night vision video apparatus incorporates ICR technology and IR LEDs to achieve the spectacular infrared vision at night that can see even is absolute darkness.  This infrared night vision can also see hidden graffiti message painted on garages/buildings that have now been removed. Also, the messages written with permanent marker can’t get away from the keen eyes of the camera, even if they have been washed out and couldn’t be seen by the naked eye.

  1. Security cameras are not for the rich anymore!

Today, one doesn’t need to invest in mediocre monitoring tools that don’t have up-to-date features. The market is filled with high-definition devices that are loaded with ultra-modern networking features and these are available at very economical prices too. The most popular feature is the built-in zoom capability. You can dig into every detail like the license plate number, facial features, etc. even in a big frame.

Fierce competition and mass production are the two main reasons that video surveillance vendors and manufacturers are offering amazing products at low prices; and that too with great deals and long warranties! So, never think again that a high-tech monitoring gadget would need a huge budget; you can always find a vendor that will give a great offer for the bundle.

  1. A renter has almost double the chances of getting robbed!

If you are living in a rented accommodation, then you are 85% more likely to be robbed as compared to a home owner. This fact has been proved by a survey conducted by The National Crime Prevention. Further justification of this number comes from the fact that usually the house owners keep a set of keys of the rented accommodation with them. More people handling the keys would mean that there are more chances of manipulations and break-ins.

Aren’t these facts interesting? There is one more. Using a security system is the first line of defense against any burglary or criminal activity.  So, get yours installed today and protect your family, premises and assets with hawk eyes!


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Acknowledged for his security acumen, Ted Yu is a gadget wizard, an active blogger, and an eminent speaker. Having 10 years of experience to his credit, Ted has always been a pertinent contributor towards the security industry with his area of expertise into the surveillance systems domain. He is closely associated with Revo America, a well renowned security products manufacturer and retailer.

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