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5 Social Media Hacks Every Designer Should Know

Design software is the most integral part of a designer’s life. With the help of the software only, you will be able to craft your designs perfectly. However, you won’t be able to make the most out of it until and unless you know what’s trending on social media.

You need to keep up with social media trends to create the best designs of your life. In fact, 510,000 comments are posted and 293,000 statuses are updated every minute on Facebook. When it comes to Twitter 350,000 tweets are sent per minute. So how can you benefit from this? Let’s have a look at top 5 social media hacks you can use to create the best designs.

  • Easy trick to Get Instagram Images for Editing and showcasing

The sheer amount of images uploaded on Instagram everyday is baffling to say the least. Millions of photos are uploaded every minute which makes it an Ideal place for photography or design enthusiasts to try their hands on some decent images to work with, to get them noticed by the industry. Unfortunately Instagram restricts downloading of said images on grounds of privacy, so that the content isn’t misused.  This meant that the only way to work with images from Instagram was to take a screenshot on a PC and keep your fingers crossed as you battled your way through hours of editing on a low-res image.  However, that isn’t the case any longer as Instagram downloader tools can help you save the pictures you like.

So if you want to work with user images, you can do so and hopefully get noticed. Do note that it is still considered as a breach of privacy, so informing the user might be in everyone’s best interest, if you are using their pictures for working.

  • Create Browser Bookmark Library of Client Color Palettes

It becomes difficult to manage multiple clients without color palettes. You will need a lot of time in opening up a brand guide and navigating to the color page. When you build an online color palettes library for different clients and save it in the bookmarks bar, you can easily access a color palette in seconds using tools such as Colorpeek. The overwhelming spectrum of tones, hues, and shades scares many designers from experimenting with something new and bold. In fact, the colors on your client’s website will have the potential to influence customers’ decision. Therefore, creating browser bookmark library of client color palettes is worth investing the time. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Launch your preferred browser
  • Create a folder in the bookmarks bar and name it “Brand colors for clients”
  • Open a new tab and visit the official website of color peek
  • Type all the color codes to select all the colors you want
  • Save this page in the folder you created
  • Repeat the above-mentioned steps until you have created color palettes for all your clients
  • Type Emojis In Your Mac Easily Using Shortcuts

Emojis are becoming very popular and becoming another language to communicate with people and convey your feelings in the digital age. In fact, a report from World Emoji day indicates that people send more than 5 billion emojis every day on Facebook messenger. Incorporating emojis in a creative way can help you turn your clients go WOW. However, it is difficult to type emojis on social media platforms that do not have pre-made emojis such as LinkedIn and Twitter. When using a MAC, you can easily type any emoji you want. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Click on the typing field of the social media you want to write a message on
  • Press Control (ctrl), Command, and Spacebar at the same time on your keyboard
  • An emoji pop-up window will appear
  • Choose an emoji of your choice to convey your feeling on social media
  • Hacks to Expand your Follower Traffic

When it comes to Image sharing websites, good work always pays off in the end. Yes it might take some time to get a decent following to start off, but nonetheless, quality work is always appreciated. However if you are unsatisfied with the results, here are a few things you can try out:

  1. Don’t try to sell Too Hard: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY likes cheesy salesmen. Despite how good your work is, subtlety is key to grabbing anyone’s attention. That means, no obvious advertising or overly optimized keywords in an attempt to rake up search results. Chances are that everyone will see through you and that will negatively impact you in the long term. This might include banners, texts, descriptions and so on.
  2. Improve your Presentation: Social media is a very competitive space to get your name on top. it can take years of work before you start seeing any real benefits. The trick lies in your ability to mesmerize the viewer with minimal, yet impactful visuals and story telling. That means using snappy call to action signs, playing with color psychologies and updating design etiquettes with changing demographics.
  3. Show off your work every now and then: While forced selling can impact your ratings, professional display of work would never do so. As a matter of fact, the more engaged you can get the viewer to be in your piece of work, the more popular it’ll be. Also while in the process, you can gain additional feedback which can be translated into future pieces of works.
  • Compress the Size of the Image File Online

One of the biggest problem designers face when uploading the image online is the file size. Heavy images can reduce the website’s performance and loading speed. When uploading heavy images in social media platforms, you will need a high speed, stable internet connection. However, it will also take time to load the image on viewer’s screen. Are your followers willing to wait for the image to appear? If not, then all your efforts are gone into vain. Websites such as and can help you reduce the size of the image while maintaining the quality.

Wrapping It Up

Design software is great, but using additional tools can help you take your designs to the next level. Make the best use of above-mentioned social media hacks to improve your designs to impress your existing clients and acquire new clients.

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