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Which security options should your company add to their apps?

Today’s technological progress covers almost all aspects of our life. That is why the problem of cybersecurity is a hot topic that captures the headlines regularly. The damage from cybercrimes amounts to trillions. It is expected that by 2021, the cumulative losses of companies will reach approximately $6 trillion. Isn’t it serious enough to start worrying?

Therefore, ensuring cybersecurity is becoming a priority in many areas, including the development of apps of any kind. So, how do you make your application more secure? Let’s discuss some of the most important points.

The new reality

The IT sector is a part of any enterprise’s working processes today. It is difficult to imagine a modern company that somehow does not interact with computers and the Internet. The software and communication channels used in this case are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Thus, cybersecurity is a major concern of any company today. No wonder, cybersecurity departments are being set up by the day.

Implement the OWASP measures

If you have never heard of Open Web Application Security Project, then it will certainly be useful. This organization is fully committed to its non-profit web security activities. All materials are freely available so that every developer can make their applications more secure. The organization conducts research and offers access to documentation and tools. One of the organization’s most famous projects is its Top-10 measures.

As the name implies, the OWASP Top-10 is a regularly-updated report that includes the most dangerous risks and the main principles of improving security. This list is compiled by a large number of experts on cybersecurity, therefore it enjoys great trust. It is important to understand that this document is a kind of warning. Its role is to minimize the risk of new problems arising. Thus, the experts recommend introducing 10 measures from the list to secure companies’ processes.

Perform a security audit

Of course, security concerns are not new to anyone. Most entrepreneurs pay attention to this issue. Some companies create special departments that are responsible only for verification and security of all processes.

However, you must understand that after a while people cease to be completely objective, no matter how professional they are. The routine job is to blame. Therefore, an independent audit from third-party specialists will be a good option. Ultimately, not everyone is capable of objective criticism of their own product.

Develop a company’s security blueprint

Planning is always important. It applies to the security of your company’s apps as well. An unorganized approach to this issue will never lead you to a higher level of security. Gather your security team and develop a plan that describes the goals of the company, possible risks, and methods of protection. The plan should have a clear view so that every employee can understand it.

A good solution will be prioritization of applications and processes — from those whose security should be provided in the first place to those that can be put on the back burner. Of course, each company will have its own unique security plan, based on its processes and infrastructure. But if you do not know where to start, you can familiarize yourself with this checklist.

Finally, identify the people who will be responsible for maintaining safety measures and forecast potential losses. Organizing security measures is a lot simpler when dealing with clear numbers and areas of responsibility.


It’s time to talk about real-time security control. The classic, but no less effective method is the use of firewalls. There are two types of them, which are the classic ones and web-application firewalls (WAFs). Of course, this is not a versatile security instrument, but it is suitable for certain types of applications.

Experts argue about the real value of web application firewalls because their maintenance is quite expensive, while the results may not be as effective. Therefore, the use of WAF is recommended along with the Application Self-Protection tools.

Also, don’t forget about the Application Security Management tools. Such tools provide built-in WAFs that can be configured as you like it, thereby providing real-time safety control at its best.


Finally, we would like to mention encryption. It may sound a little utopian, but we believe that your applications should be encrypted as much as possible. And it’s not just about the HTTPS protocols.

Nowadays, there are many platforms that make HTTPS encryption available. Google, for its part, works well and inspires sites to use an encrypted protocol. Data security is paramount, so such encryption is a must.

In the end, it’s all about learning

Yes, it sounds a bit hackneyed, but still. Remember that technologies are progressing at a fast pace. New cyber dangers are just around the corner and scammers are there to exploit them. That is why your task is to constantly learn something new about new types of threats and those methods that help to eliminate them.

Security should always be at the top of your priority list. And only in this case, you will always be ready for potential problems.

In our article, we outlined a few basic points since it is simply impossible to describe all security measures within the framework of one article. This is because of the fact that the situation on the security battlefield is changing constantly.

Stay up-to-date and follow the news, this should be your essential task.

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