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Published on December 13th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


Instagram likes: how’s, why’s, when’s of paid promotion

If you came on Instagram to build a career and make some money, a question of whether or not you should buy Instagram likes for your profile has definitely bothered you at one point or another. Luckily, now you are here and you are going to learn everything you need to know about online promotion on Instagram — it might seem like a tangled and hard thing from the first sight, but if you work with the right people who know what they are doing your online life will change once and for all very rapidly. First we are going to give you all the main answers to the main questions: what are paid likes, when should you take on them, where should you purchase them and how much should these cost?

So, paid likes are the thumbs up that you get for your photos no matter what, because you’ve paid for them — you’re going to get these from a promo company that sells likes for Instagram, but the question is, will these be as efficient as this company has promised? There is an important point that you should keep in mind while buying these thumbs up. You need to put your hands on real thumbs up only — the ones that are going to be provided by real people who use Instagram, who have their own accounts and who have their own photos, previously left likes and views etc. If you purchase likes that will come from bots your account will not only reach zero results, it can even become blocked and deleted by Insta technicians who have zero tolerance to people who exploit bots. Why though? What’s bad in bots? Well, these are fake pages that litter Instagram and other social media websites and harm real people who’re craving popularity and feedback that’s coming from a lively audience — bots are basically a dead weight that these social media websites try to cut off.

But it’s not that simple — unfortunately, bots are still there and are still used by indecent promo companies who provide their clients with services like this. Avoid them, if you’re aiming for success and stability, otherwise you’re going to simply waste your money over nothing and risk your account’s well-being. Who needs that? Not you: to invest your money into sure success, you need to find a company that would sell you high quality likes and would do it with adequate pricing. Sometimes this research can take time and not everyone has energy and patience for that — people are already busy trying to organize their profile and create quality content, that’s why finding a good company that would promote your content decently might be a hard trick to pull off. Fortunately, you’re on the right track — this article has been written by Viplikes, we are the company that works on the market of social media promo services for 6+ years and we know exactly what to do to keep each one of our clients completely satisfied.

Why choose Viplikes?

There are many reasons, yet we are sure you do not have time to read a long list so we’re going to name just the key ones of them: first of all, we have lots of sales and discounts active on our website right now, and the number of them keeps on growing. We try to organize the process of purchasing promo services in a way so our regular and new clients would be equally comfortable while buying as much as they need from us. You can come into Instagram section and find everything you need for promotion (you know, the most efficient online development usually happens by dint of several promo options) and our managers can even create a personalized package if you need one — and if you’re interested in buying a bigger sized pack we will gladly give you discount for that.

There’s more: we have a constant technical and informational support system running at all times. So if you’re new to all this social media promotion thing, we highly recommend you to hit our managers in chat so they could guide you through the assortment of our Instagram options (actually, we have promo options for each existing social media website, keep that in mind) and help you with picking the most suitable packs out of all of them. Each case of online development needs an individual approach, so if you’re interested in setting yourself the most helpful promo out of all of them, you know what to do.

Our workers are here for you in chat almost 24/7, so if you’re interested in becoming popular almost instantly, almost overnight — but legally and without any risks for your account, via real likes for Insta, you know where to buy demanded services and what results you can await. Viplikes managers can easily guarantee you success and a chance to reach all the goals you have for yourself.

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