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Published on August 3rd, 2020 | by Kamy Anderson


Free Tools for Learning and Working Remotely During COVID-19 

While convenient, distance learning and remote work can be challenging without the right tools and software. Especially now during COVID-19.

At the start of the pandemic, school closures affected over 1.37 billion students around the world. Unemployment rates skyrocketed.

Schools and businesses were hit hard, and the only way to lessen the blow is to make use of readily available software solutions that can enable virtual learning and remote work.

While most such solutions come with a high price tag, there are still plenty of high-quality virtual classroom software and employee training software solutions with generous free versions.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best free tools you can use during these trying times.

ProProfs Virtual Classroom Software

ProProfs is a solution that’s suitable for both educational institutions and corporate environments.

Its boatload of tools and features makes it ideal as employee training software and online classroom software.

ProProfs features an extensive library of premade courses covering various topics, from HR and compliance to negotiation skills and workplace ethics training.

Teachers and instructors can also develop their own courses and accompanying tests and quizzes from scratch and ensure that the materials suit their specific needs.

Creating a course is pretty straightforward. Due to the solution’s user-friendly interface, even those who’ve had no previous experience with online course creation can master it in record time.

This virtual classroom software also provides you with detailed reports and analytics, which enable you to keep an eye on your students’ progress and performance, course completion rates, and more.

ProProfs is a comprehensive solution with a free version. It’s compatible with all devices, so you can deliver training regardless of where your learners are located.


If you need a lighter solution, you might want to consider choosing TalentCards. It’s designed with a focus on microlearning, so despite your learners’ busy schedules, they’ll still be able to devote themselves to your courses.

You can access TalentCards through the web, create extensive courses by dividing them into smaller learning chunks, and deliver the training through easy-to-digest information contained in learning cards.

Your learners can access the materials either via the web or via a mobile app.

To make the courses more immersive, you can add media such as images, audio, and videos in the learning cards.

TalentCards has built-in communication tools and additional gamification features that make learning easier. Leaderboards and points serve to motivate the learners and make training more efficient.

The free version can be a right choice for micro-businesses and small learner groups as it’s available for only up to five users.


itslearning is primarily created as an online classroom software for K-12 learners. However, it can be suitable for higher education and corporate settings in some cases.

It has a wide array of features and functionalities that can enhance the learning experience.

Communication features such as private and mass messaging, notifications, and announcements ensure that everyone’s in the loop.

Teachers can share their materials and resources by using itslearning’s library. They can create projects, set assignments, and more.

This online classroom software doesn’t have built-in video conferencing tools, but it can be integrated with Microsoft Teams or Zoom for live online classes and discussions.

itslearning is available as a mobile app, web platform, or cloud-based SaaS.

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is an employee training software that’s easily customizable to suit the needs of users. It’s easily scalable and it fits a company of any size.

It allows you to upload any existing content you may have or use the solution to develop the entire course from scratch. You can even use the platform to sell your courses.

Include gamification features such as badges and points to boost motivation, develop customized learning paths, enable social learning, and more.

A free trial is available, so it’s a good idea to check it out before you commit to a subscription.


WizIQ is suitable for any learning needs, so it can be a great choice for schools and businesses.

It’s cloud-based and you can access it from any device, operating system, or browser. Since you don’t need to download and install a piece of software, it’s much easier to use if you’re teaching younger children or computer-illiterate employees.

As high-quality online classroom software, WizIQ enables instructors to develop unique course materials.

You can upload any content format, add multimedia, and create and enable self-paced learning to ensure every student masters a topic before moving on to new materials.

Electa Live

If you need a more comprehensive solution, you can get Electa Live as an integrated part of the Electa LMS solution. However, it’s available as a stand-alone online classroom software as well.

It comes with all the essentials – course creation tools, communication tools, collaboration tools, and much more.

You can hold live group or private classes with HD video and audio. Make use of the interactive whiteboard during the lessons, delegate assignments, administer tests, and track student progress.

Electa Live features a bit of a learning curve, so it’s a good idea to take time to get used to the solution before you implement it for distance learning and remote work.


SkyPrep is an easy-to-use virtual classroom software that can be exceptionally valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s intuitive and boasts several useful features.

Any existing materials you may have can be easily uploaded to the platform to create customized courses.

You can link different courses and topics to develop unique learning paths and create tests with automated grading.

Advanced reports keep you posted on learner performance and progress, and you can even see how certain courses are doing.

SkyPrep can be integrated with a variety of other tools and systems for a more comprehensive solution.


eTrainCenter is an online classroom software primarily suitable for smaller groups of learners, whether in a corporate or educational setting.

It’s user-friendly, making it easy to master, regardless of your previous experience with LMS solutions.

All the basic online classroom software features are available, including course creation, editing, quiz development, certification management, and virtual classrooms.

Brainier LMS

Brainier LMS is fully customizable, and you can easily change the themes and overall appearance to reflect your brand, business approach, or teaching style.

You and your learners can access the cloud-based platform from any smartphone, tablet, or PC. Its extensive library has countless readymade courses you can use. Or else, you can develop your courses directly on the platform.

Brainier LMS facilitates both synchronous and asynchronous learning, and it can make the transition to remote teaching and working during COVID-19 easier.


Tovuti’s advanced authoring tools simplify course creation. Even a newcomer can learn how to develop a full-blown course in a matter of minutes.

Tovuti covers the bases and offers all the essential tools and features for a high-quality virtual classroom experience.

What makes it stand out, however, is that users can leave comments and ratings that can help enhance the courses and make them easier to master.

Even though a vast majority of users rely on Tovuti for onboarding and employee training, the solution is suitable for both businesses and schools.

Ready for Remote Learning and Working?

Finding the right virtual classroom software is crucial if you want to continue education and training during COVID-19.

While all software solutions mentioned here are reputable and reliable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will suit your purposes and teaching style.

Make sure you check out the free trials before you take the plunge, and see which virtual classroom software is the best for you and your learners.

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