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How Solar Plants Are The Need of The Time

We all know how much we have already damaged our ozone layer and how much it is affecting the global weather. One of the major reason of this destruction is our power consumption. The world is heavily relying on producing the power through gas, oil and coal which is producing devastating results for our climate. We are witnessing the drastic change in the weathers of a different part of the world like the recent rains in the deserts of UAE and hottest summer in the England. In such times where we desperately need an alternate for our power production, the solar plants can save us from the total annihilation.

It is now not newly known that renewable energy is the way of future. The production of power not only wasting the oil, gas and coal reserves but also hazardous for nature. That is why the world is quickly turning towards the solar power which doesn’t have any affects like the oil and gas powered plants make affects.

The solar power plants don’t need anything else except the rays of the sun. The solar panels collect the sun’s photons. When these photons hit the solar panels, the direct current (DC) electric field generated. It also has the inverter which converts the direct current into the alternating current so the generated power can be used by appliances and for the homage use. These solar plants not only provide electricity directly to the home’s switchboard but also stored in the batteries connected to the system of the plant which can be used in the future.

The Power of the Solar Energy:

In the daily life, we never pay much attention to the sun in our daily life. We only notice it when it gets hot, but this hotness is now utilizing as the source of immense power. We always read the amount of energy that our sun has in it and now we are able to use this significant amount of energy and power for our homes and the world. Following are some of the points about the solar energy.

  • If you live in a place where the weather remains cloudy throughout the day and you only get 2.5 hours per day. Even in such condition, the solar plant will still produce around 20%-30% of energy as compared to the sunny day.
  • Even if the monsoon season is on and you are getting frequent cloudy weather, these panels will keep drawing the energy from the sun and will keep your home bright.
  • These solar panels can run directly too however it is better to use them with the batteries. These batteries help you to keep providing energy to your home even when it is dark outside.
  • At per each square meter of the Earth’s surface, the sun gives around 1,000 watts of energy which is sufficient for our daily use.
  • The energy system of the solar power is reliable as compared to conventional power generation system which can break down due to different reasons like tripping and lack of fuel.

Residential Solar Plants:

Generally, the household solar power plants get installed on the roof of the homes to draw the maximum amount of energy from the sun. There is a misconception that this is the only way of generating energy from the solar plant. However, there are some other solar power options as well out of which, some are listed below.

  • There are some solar thermal hot water panels that work exactly like the traditional solar panels, but the source of energy is different. The solar thermal panels get the energy from the hot water tank and transfer it to the entire supply line.
  • The solar power can also charge our vehicles. For those who have an electric car can charge their vehicle through the solar car port.
  • Even there are solar panels for heating your swimming pool in the winters too.

Solar Power helping us to save the world:

The world is already discussing the benefits of the solar power and how it can help us in fighting against the global warming. However, this issue is still in the discussion, and no serious majors have been taken into consideration yet. We through this article can also only discuss this issue and can spread the awareness of how the solar power can help us to save the world.

  • The biggest benefit of solar power is that it is a renewable source which can never run out. Those countries who are producing their power through oil, gas and coal cannot build more reserves of that and eventually one day they will not be able to power their countries through these sources. However, the energy of the sun is something which will never run out, and we can use it as long as this world and the sun is alive.
  • Another advantage of the solar power is that it creates no pollution. Whether you are generating power from the oil or the coal, it emits CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which is not good for world climate. On the other hand, the solar power doesn’t emit any sort of gasses and it only generate electricity from the sun shines which we use it or not, will stay the way it has to be.
  • According to research, by properly harnessing and storing, just one hour of storage of the world is enough to generate the power for the global population for an entire year.
  • Because there is no pollution caused by the solar power, it is not only beneficial for the world climate, but it can also help in improving the public health. Since there will be less hazardous gases in the environment the health of the public can improve up to significant numbers.
  • Making solar energy as the priority will create a chain reaction on all the things that have been destroyed due to hazardous gasses created by the power plant which works on the oil and gas. That is why using only solar power will also protect our natural resources. Instead of using oil and gas for electricity the countries could use it for different purposes where the solar power cannot provide the power to them.

Final Words:

About every question related to the global warming and drastic changes in the world climate, the answer and the solution of that question is the solar power. The technology of solar panel is highly safe and efficient in all the manner that the world should now use this technology for their power needs only. We have done a lot, and more work has to be done to increase the efficiency of this technology but showing the interest in making our earth green again could give a big boost in the advancement of the solar power.


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