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Learn to Build your Own App with These 10 Easy Steps

The first question to ask when you decide to build a mobile app is why do you want it? You need to be clear about what you want and why you want it. Have you come across a problem that can be resolved with building this app or you just want to follow the footsteps of other business owners? Answering such questions will help you gauge the success of the mobile app that you are thinking to build.

Veztek is an android app development company in Los Angeles that will provide you with the blueprint to creating your own mobile app. The mobile app development in Los Angeles is a wide field and the guidelines mentioned below may not work for everyone, just like one size does not fit all. These guidelines are based on the experience of few, you may pick the strategy that suits you best or that you deem fit for your idea. So let’s get started:

  1. Brainstorming a Creative Idea or Finding a Problem
    A creative idea is something you need to start off with before building your own app. If you already have an idea in mind then you can move on to step two. In case you don’t, then you need to find a problem, which you can find everywhere around you. Keeping that problem in mind, you can then build an idea for your mobile app around that problem. Sounds simple enough? Well, one common characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is that they solve problems with out of the box solutions and not just the conventional ones.
    If you look around, you will be amazed by the fact that every product or service that was created serves a purpose, it solves a problem. Take transportation for instance, the need to get from one place to another lead to the invention of cars. Moving one step ahead, if you want to get from one country to another, you got airplanes. So as a starting point, look for problems around you, they exist in your life, start listing them. Once you have a list of problems in hand, start shortlisting them with possible creative solutions.
  2. Identify The Need and Demand
    Validation of your idea will authenticate if the need and demand for your mobile app idea exists. This is where tools such as Google Keyword Planner comes in handy. With the help of this tool you will be able to assess the demand by looking for people who are seeking what you are trying to build. Another way to validate your idea is to build yourself a landing page that highlights the basic app idea. Then you can sign up an email to seek user interest.
  3. Layout of the Design, Flow and Features
    Once you have figured out that the need and demand for your idea exists, it’s time for you to design the app, since you know that you’ve got something that the users out there will need. The next step is figuring out how you want your app to look like. What blend of colors do you think will be appropriate? Where the drop down menu bar will be? This the time when you want to lay out the basic design aspects of your product and flow of your product. Do you want to compile the details on to a document or better yet go an extra mile by using a wire framing tool? All such design aspects need to be planned before you advance in the procedure.
    There are certain things that you need to keep in mind as you proceed. When jotting down your idea in black in white, you need to be very thorough in outlining the details. Layout a detailed flow of navigation of the user, how will he go about it? Also make sure it is in sync with the features envisioned. This will not only benefit you but also help the developer to understand what end result are you expecting.
  4. Eliminate The Non-Core Features
    The document that you prepared in step three, go through it thoroughly and look for features that you think are unnecessary and you want to eliminate them. Focus only on the core value of your mobile app. Don’t add extra features to your app that would have a “nice appeal”, you can always bring them later on as an update. But why? To keep the initial development cost to a minimum.
  5. Design Comes First, Development Later
    Many entrepreneurs are of the view that they want to start off with a basic design and move on to the app development step. This is where things get messed up. The design of the app is not about the looks of your app but in fact how it will appeal to the users. It is all about how the users will experience it. Your objective should be to make technology useful with the design. So the developer should be someone who is of the same view and puts graphics and user experience first with respect to the design.
  6. Hiring a Talented Designer/Developer
    This is the step where you need to look for a development firm who has expert development team with a creative design talent. Make sure that while you are shortlisting a developer, you check for his credibility online and also skim through his work to see what kind of apps he has created. In their portfolio, if you like an app (s), it is highly likely that they could be just the right man for the right job.
  7. Registration For Developer Accounts
    To distribute your product via respective app stores platform (Apple/Android), it is mandatory that you get yourself registered. You can have yourself registered as an individual or as a firm (if you have created one).
  8. Integration of Analytics
    Using tools such as Flurry and Localytics, you will be able to keep a track of user downloads, engagement level and retention of the mobile app developed.
  9. Insight Into Improvement And Improvise
    Once the app goes live and makes its way to the app store, you need to keep tabs on the customer’s behavior. This is the step that will provide insight on the user response so that you know how to enhance your app.
  10. Introduce New Features
    The initial version of your app introduced limited features. It is now time to gear up your app and bring in the new features that have a ‘nicer appeal’.

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