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Things to keep in mind to create a basic Android chat app

All technicalities of making a chat app aside, you need to ask yourself, is your idea really worth it. There are a lot of chatting apps available in the market today offering great user experience. These applications such as Tinder,WhatsApp, FB, Cover and solve a most of major needs of daily communication. What is your application going to solve? You have to be clear on what you’re making, and why, and for whom?

After you’re done with developing your idea, you can either start building the app yourself, considering all the technicalities. Or, You can get in touch with an IT development firm and discuss your idea with them. You can clear your remaining doubts and hire a dedicated team to focus on making your dream a reality.

Note: In case, you are creating the app by yourself, make sure you go through GCM and Push Notifications in detail as these are very important for creating a chat app in Android.

Application development is basically done in steps, Like­

  1. Concept development­ Discussing and mapping out your idea and the plan to create it.
  2. Design­ Making the UI/UX wireframes and figuring out the flow and features of the app.
  3. Coding­ Giving the app flow a structure to stand on.
  4. Testing­ Here, the app­experience is tested to see weather the app really is as engaging and responsive as you thought, and if there are some shortcomings, how to fix them.
  5. Marketing and Backend­ After your application is live, you will need to make its presence known to the masses.

This is why, having a idea that addresses a great need or offers something different and interesting, is necessary. People want to buy stuff that brings something more to their lives. They will always choose the better experience. Good marketing is the key to success.

You’ll also need backend support for the management of your application. This roughly sums up what you’ll be facing while making an(y) Android chatting app.


How can you be protected from theft when you need help, in case, you are hiring a developer/company

If you’re going to have to work with another developer or a team of them, make sure that they are professionals who have a good reputation and who you can trust. Trust and the willingness of both parties to keep it is the key thing in any good deal. You provide for them fairly and they will work to make you successful. In other terms, build a trustworthy relationship with smart people. One advantage to this is that in any future collaborations, you won’t have to worry about anybody stealing your code (Idea).

But, to know a person from just one or two meetings is hard. You can introduce the IP assignment clause while preparing the employment contract and founder agreement. This will keep at ease while you build a good professional relationship with your team. Stay in constant touch with the progress of your project and the people managing it.

via Aseem Ghavri, CEO and co-founder at Code Brew Labs, a fast growing App development company.

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