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Questions To Consider Before Developing Salesforce App

Salesforce app provides the users a platform where they can take help of various tools to develop and create new applications which they can launch on the Salesforce data. You have a non-profit organization and you want develop an app for the betterment of your organization. You have already seen the demo and the entire checklist looks promising to you. Then this is the right time for you to begin.

Do a background check of the app, talk to those companies who are using this facility. Nobody starts as an app developer. They rather gain experience over the years. A lot can be learnt when you’re developing a Salesforce app. If you’re an amateur, then consider working with experienced partners from where you can learn a lot about developing a Salesforce app.

10 questions to ask if you’re interested in developing Salesforce app

You should be clear regarding why your organization wants to develop apps for other nonprofit companies. Given below are questions which you should consider before developing Salesforce app:

1. What are you wishing to take over?

  • If your company wants to tie up with other organizations in terms of app developing, then you have keep few things in mind and consult them with your team members. Your priorities and goals should be straight. The first is to be there for your members. Listen to all their queries and respond to them as soon as you can. Know their needs for upcoming technologies and solutions.
  • Upgrade the capacities of your organization by helping more nonprofit technologies. This will reduce inefficiencies and also uplift the impact.
  • Facilitate different sectors by enabling the program to collect data in an easier and organized way.
  • Track the outcomes and results in a systematic way. Measure the effect in a way which wouldn’t have been possible without a study.
  • Innovate your technical whereabouts.
  • Introduce a method which is not known in the market but can be take over by many technologies.
  • Have a less complicated process for those who are reporting same programs.
  • Build a strong connection among colleagues in your sector. Strengthen them for better future prospects.
  • Increase your market so that it generates more opportunities.

2. The second question is for whom are you building this Salesforce app?

You cannot right away generalize your app for the whole market. Different clients have different requirements and priorities. You cannot develop an app thinking that will be accepted by all your clients. Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings you should be very clear as for whom are you developing this app for. Keep in mind all the crucial points of your clients as to what are they using at present and what are they wishing to use.

3. Do you have a proper fund raiser and an efficient financial replica?

You may have the resources for the initial expenditure but in the long run you need to take help from an external source who would fund your solution. Share your ideas in front of potential organizations who would be interested in funding your start up and helping you till you become self sufficient.

4. How should you maintain the relationship with those organizations who will use your solutions?

Maintaining a good relationship with the core group help in strengthening the organization. Having a core group of well wishers and advisors will guide you and advise you for the development of your solution.

5. How will you do proper distribution and marketing of your solution?

Developing a solution is easy but proper marketing of your solution can be a difficult process. There are many platforms under Salesforce which you can refer to.

6. Will you be taking feedback and reports from those who are using your solution?

If you’re planning to gather databases from your participating users then you need to include certain features in your app that would keep a track on your users whether they have completed their work or if it’s correct.

7. Will you create a report for all the programs you’re managing?

If you’re planning to do this then your workload will be tripled as you have to input such features in your app that would tally your work on daily basis.

8. What kind of support will you provide to your app?

Developing is easy but to provide proper support to your app you need an experienced team of members who would meet the exact requirements.

9. How do you want to build your perfect dream team?

To develop one of the best apps, first of all, you need an experienced team who would support you and guide you achieve success. To have the best team, you should have a business consultant, an advisor, a manager, a financial advisor, potential supervisors and definitely a legal advisor.

10. How will your govern certain structures and models?

You can govern certain structures and models by creating a different team for that.

Once you’ve developed your Salesforce app, it should get the Salesforce Certification so that it can be launched in the market.

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