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Top 10 tips to create convertible contents for your website

Creating content that focuses on conversion gets the audience move and make them take actions. This is the process which makes your visitor enter the conversion funnel as leads. Than the leads are nurtured in to customers and gradually as fans.

Content marketing focuses on conversion oriented writing that has an objective of increasing conversion rate quickly. A well planned content marketing strategy rapidly increases your email list, shares, signups and check outs!

So how do you create the type of content that can get your conversion goal?

In this post, I’ll show you 10 of the most used tips for creating convertible contents-

  1. Build the right strategy

The 1st thing you do while creating conversion oriented content is ANALYZE!

You got to find out the following information –

  • Your audience type i.e. their taste of interest, choice, background, age range and profession
  • Your product type i.e. what are the benefits your product is going to bring to your audience
  • Your compotators i.e. what type of contents your competitor’s are delivering in the market

Once you have all these data handy, you got to select the TYPE of content you will create that will be compelling to your AUDIENCE base and can MATCH your competitor’s type. This is how you take the first step towards creating convertible content.

  1. Focus on great quality

The 2nd thing to do is keep your 100% focus on quality. There are couple of key factors you got to consider while making a quality check. Here are few checks-

  • Has to be 100% unique and fresh out of the oven!
  • No typos and grammatical mistakes at all
  • Must be native i.e. understand and in the same language as your audience
  • Plain and simple in words. Do not use complex sentences
  • Keep it short in every paragraph and give the readers breathing space
  • Don’t use luxurious words. Just stick to easy and simple wording that can be understood by a 5th grader.

High quality content is a must when you are trying to increase your conversion rate AKA sales. Audience worldwide loves good things not average.

  1. Educate your audience

The 3rd step is building content that educates your audience. Business often makes the mistake of creating content that provides helpful information rather than product details. Yes, you got to promote your product but that can’t be your sole objective. You got to have the right mix of education and sales. Here are few ways you can do that-

  • Explain how your product or service can BENEFIT your audience
  • Avoid claiming yourself to be the best. Let your audience decide it.
  • Offer contents that can be used in daily life like tips, tricks, advice, E-books, white papers and infographics.
  • Create value in your content rather than a price quotation by adding actionable information

Your contents value will create trust amongst your audience. Once they start believing that you are offering value to them and not treating them as money making machines, they will become your customer.

  1. Find out problems in the market and offer solutions

The 4th step is to align your content in a way that will focus on the challenges your audience is facing in the market. This will be backed by solutions through your content which your readers will be able to apply. Here are few ways you can do that-

  • Do some simple Google search and check surveys that covered complaints, bad experiences of the product you are dealing with.
  • Check review sites and see the bad reviews
  • Create contents that will discuss about these issues and will also state how to fix them
  • State how your services can be the solution of all these problems

Remember, you can always claim yourself as the solution provider in this step of the process. But make sure you do this at the end after discussing all the points. This is how you do not appear as a self-promoting company.

  1. Disclose your objective in the first paragraph or line

This is the 5th step where you deliver your message in one or two line. Audiences online are on a hurry as there are millions of options for them. Every second counts when there is a visitor on your site and you have deliver your entire message in seconds. Here is an example-

Disclose-your –objective-in –the-first-or line

The title and sub-title discloses the type of the business and the winning factor of the users. This type of ON POINT titles drives the visitor to navigate throughout the site and convert eventually.

  1. Apply power words effectively

This is the 6th step where you align the powers words effectively in your content. Power words are like high protein supplements that builds your content to convert! Here are some awesome power word lists-

317 great power words list

180 emotional power word list

Here is an example of power word usage in a content-


In the title of this post, the power words are “Hacks” “Surprise” “Boost” and “Growth”

You can see that the share count is 3.6k! A post which has a share of this amount would have a very high number of conversion rate. That’s why it’s a must to have power words integrated perfectly.

  1. Make visuals speak louder than words

This is the 7th step where you analyze visual elements in your content. According to a research by science daily, human brain process visuals over text much faster. You can use this method to present your message in a visual way to the audience. This increases the possibility of conversion.

Here are few visuals which increases conversion rate of a content-

  • Example images
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Memes
  • Gifs
  • Testimonials
  • Charts and graphs

For example, on the 5th and 6th point of this content I added some images to explain the points. This engages the reader with the content and motivates to take actions on the page.

  1. Avoid ambiguity in content

This is the 8th step of the process where you focus on specifying your content to the audience. Let me give you two headlines-

1st How brand new website earned thousands of traffic by influencer marketing

2nd How a brand new site acquired 50,000 traffic in less than 3 months

Which headline appears more compelling?

I am sure the 2nd one stands out here. According to Investment News, exact numbers inspires audience more. Here is an example of a content-


What stands out in this post is the title which precisely states the element of this content. The CTR of this type of contents are higher and the conversion rate is healthy too.

  1. Use of bucket brigades

This is the 9th step where you break your contents in lines with clones. This is called bucket brigades where readers get to know what the content is about in a single glance. Here is an example-

Use-of -bucket -brigades

If you make the lines bit bolder than it draws more attentions. This keeps the reader engaged and makes the content more interesting to read.

  1. Apply the CTA intelligently

This is the 10th step where you put the final nail in the box. Your CTA or call to action which is the door to your conversion funnel is crucial with your content. A perfectly crafted CTA backs your perfectly design content. Here is a quick checklist for you-

  • Use persuasive text in the button
  • Choose the right color combo
  • Place the CTA in the right place
  • Shape and size the button according to the page view

Here is a perfect example-

Apply_ the _CTA _intelligently

A perfectly placed, designed and texted CTA does the 50% job of your conversion strategy. So focusing on it is a must.

Wrapping up:

Creating contents that boosts conversion is challenging and fun. It takes analysis but simple thinking to build contents that can drive more leads. Considering that I kept this article as simple as possible to share the most effective tips. So simply follow the steps explained and I am sure you can feel the changes in the most positive way. Best of luck!

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