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Algolia Builds Improvement for Zendesk’s Help Center Search

More than ever, customers are ready to solve the issues they face when using an app or a software, because people’s tech-related knowledge keeps growing. In addition, most people prefer to try and solve those problems for themselves, instead of having to make a phone call or contacting customer support.

In fact, a survey by Zendesk clearly shows this reality, with 67% of respondents saying they prefer to use a self-service help platform rather than speaking with a representative, with almost every respondent (91%) stating they would use a knowledge base to meet their needs, if one was available.

Zendesk is, by far, one of the best tools around in terms of customer experience, and now there is a new tool to make its search functionality work more effectively. Algolia, a tool that integrates an improved search experience on any site and app, has developed an integration for Zendesk, which power-users can use in order to improve their Zendesk search experience.

This integration is absolutely free for everyone to implement on Zendesk, and Algolia has put up a live demo version for people to test, and the whole code (crawler, JavaScript library and community website) is open-source under the MIT license, so everyone can contribute for an improved version of this implementation.

This integration will surely be a great help for customers to find what they need more easily, as Algolia provides “as-you-type” results, giving users an instant overview on the keywords they are currently typing.

All this makes the overall customer experience much better, reducing frustrations and making them happier, which can only result in improved customer satisfaction and improved results for your business.

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