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9 Powerful Tools to Create Complex Mobile Apps with Ease

Maintaining mobile apps is even more difficult than its creation, especially when you want to keep your stakeholders i.e. employees, customers, and business partners intact. All the popular as well widely used tools and resources such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and lots more, are compelling, but again full of both advantages and drawbacks.

We are not unknown with the difficulties that companies face in mobile apps development when it comes to cost and time constraints. Therefore, we are bringing you, 10 unexplored platforms that will let developers get rid of cumbersome code or lengthy coding, to make quick and cost effective mobile apps full of features and functionalities. Some meant only towards building mobile apps, some towards web apps, while others meant to target both.

Alpha Anywhere



  • It is a Windows IDE based full-fledged builder, a wizard driven tool, enables low amount of code, and supports wide range of databases.
  • It is meant for both desktop applications as well as mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows.
  • The HTML apps built are adaptable to screen sizes upto 4 feet starting from 4 inches.
  • Smooth integration is possible between Adobe PhoneGap Build and the PhoneGap itself, allowing hybrid mobile apps without any need of purchasing a Mac or going for native development environments install.
  • It is in process to bring out solution for mobile apps relying on remote databases.

30 days free trial

App Press



  • It is an almost no code creator for App, which is Web based, with targeted platforms as iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.
  • It makes use of a user interface similar to that of Photoshop that allows layers helping in organizing screens through visual assets.
  • As far as the back end is concerned, it uses Amazon based cloud service.
  • From what we have heard the announcement from the company, the developers can create their first app within a day that usually takes 5 days on an average.
  • It is highly simple to use with experienced designers teaching novice designers with ease.

Free video trial




  • Another iPad & iPhone apps drag and drop builder allowing no code and that is Web based.
  • Check out the preview of this App in iTunes App Store, to be able to download and see what is there in store.
  • What you get here is an SDK and Objective-C based plugin building blocks to extend the capabilities.
  • It is to be extended to Web and Android apps in near future.

Available for free




  • Get access to a back-end technology that is highly flexible as well as a drag and drop builder for mobile and web solutions.
  • It is capable of not just replicating existing forms or creating new forms, but also helps in form field auto filling, digital signature capturing, images capturing within the forms, logical transitions embedding, as well as integration of API and process workflows.
  • Information related to completed mobile forms collected even after disconnected, and can be transferred once connection restored.

Get it now




  • Get access to customized templates for Android, iPad, iPhone apps that offer building apps within 5 minutes.
  • It is a web builder offering free plan if you accept the branding rights of the software, as well get limited site visits and users.
  • Paid plans go up to $299 a month with several intermediary options.
  • Highly useful for standard apps to see wonderful results, till the time functionalities are included within the widgets.

Available for free




  • It is an online platform for mobile database applications and web applications building.
  • Over 300 customized templates available with slide containing Complete Project Manager.
  • Build apps with scratch, and view Quickbase websites in the mobile version as well.
  • Mobile QuickBase yet not available, however mobile website can be used.

30 days free trial




  • Accelerate the deployment and development of Web, Android, iOS, and HTML5 apps.
  • With the simplest possible model, use a generic viewer of Salesforce or a mobile website in tandem with web application.
  • Using a Mobile Pack in Salesforce, create a knockout HTML5 app, Backbone.js app, Angular.js app, or a simple jQuery app.
  • To make things complex, you can combine Native SDK tools with Salesforce Mobile SDK tools to create, Android as well as iOS, hybrid or native, apps.
  • Your apps communicated with back-end through Salesforce Connected App.

30 days free trial




  • It provides customized sample apps combined with online visual designer for Android, iOS, and mobile Web apps.
  • Have access to 4000 stock images, 60 backgrounds, charts, fields, JavaScript extensions, customization features, navigation panels, navigation bars, audio, video, and maps.
  • The template-based apps also show how data interfaces, actions, and fields are used.

30 days free trial

Mobile Chrome Development Kit

Mobile Chrome App-img9


  • It quite recently made a debut in the form of an Apache Cordova Developer Preview Tool Chain, leading to a hybrid app strategy wherein Chrome, Android, and iOS apps targeted all at once.
  • CSS and HTML based user interfaces are integrated with iOS as well as Android native toolkits.
  • With the help of a visual page designer in HTML, you can use this tool without any coding needs.
  • For adding mobile code, use Cordova and Chrome APIs at your disposal, right from JavaScript, in order to polish the app without going down to the level of native code that is platform dependent.

Available for free

Let us sum up…

A lot of free tools and resources are available in market other than paid ones. However to get access to low code or no code tools out of so many is such a gigantic task that can consume hours of yours comparing the options and finally short listing on one or more.

I have made it easier for you as these tools have been personally tested by me. How easy life can become if we can make apps rapidly free of heavy and complex coding. These tools certainly play a vital role in bringing your mobile app success on fast track.


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Shahid Abbasi is a marketing consultant with Peerbits, a one of the renowned iPhone apps development companies and the home of app enthusiasts. Shahid likes to keep busy with his team, and to provide top-notch mobility solutions for enterprises and startups.

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