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Published on December 21st, 2018 | by Sumit Bhowal


8 Actionable Ways to Get on Explore Page on Instagram

Instagram is a wonderful alternative to get in touch with the social world and people especially youngsters today have been wonderfully creative in making the best use of what they get. If you are a beginner who has just joined the Instagram for spreading awareness and gaining recognition for the products, services as well as your brand or company, then there is an increased likelihood that you must be wishing for your name on the “Explore page” on Instagram. Let us first gain insight about what exactly is an Explore page and how does it work?

What is Instagram explore page?

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Instagram explore page is derived from the Discovery page which was used to display the most favorite content during visit. But the discovery page or popular page, as it was called did not gain much acceptance due to the fact that it could not manage the specific interests of different users at one time. But now, this newly created feature of explore page present different content for every user.

The explore page on Instagram encompasses those posts that other people have liked and the posts that have been liked by you, also, it helps you in showing posts from those accounts that are similar to the ones followed by you, it keeps a secret about what pages you follow and what do you like. It works on the algorithm principle which helps you in selecting content that matches with the way you utilize application on your device.

How to get on explore page on Instagram?

The content displayed on your explore page depends upon the way you use your app and your interaction with the displayed content. It is necessary to make a note of the fact that algorithm works autonomously while selecting what content should be displayed on your page. Likewise the content is shown on your news feed, same way, algorithm selects the content to be displayed on the instagram explore page. But the only distinct feature between the functioning of the two is that the explore page allows the unfollowed content also to be displayed on your page.

Lets us look at the ways which could help you in to get on explore page of instagram. Which are mentioned below?

1. Keep your eye on the right audience so as to set an appropriate target

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Well, the explore tab will show the content that identical network users often see. Therefore, a lot of content on your page depends on the type of people you are following. Therefore, you have to make sure that the right population is following you. And if you recognize that the people following you are deviating from your target audience, and then it becomes difficult to extract some value from explore page even if your brand gains recognition.

If the brand or product that you are promoting already has a substantial followers that you are targeting, then you could easily gain recognition on explore page and attract many new followers that could be of high relevance to you.

2. Create valuable and interactive content for your audience

Explore page also make sure that its users get to see the latest content that would seem interesting to them. Explore page on instagram has been designed in order to disengage the users from seeing the repetitive content and help in engaging them with the platform by showing them new content.

It can be inferred from this that Instagram utilizes engagement as one parameter for connecting users with novel content. There is also an alternative of getting free Instagram followers to promote your page.

3. Optimization of the content is vital for enhancing recognition

It is surprising to see that almost 70% of the posts on Instagram could not reach to the people as they are not shown because of lower engaging ability. Hence, these are not even shown on explore page. Hence, one has to really particular about post timing if you want to increase the visibility of your content on the explore page..

There are numerous tools available on instagram that could help you in determining the appropriate time for posting by taking information from the historical posts and demographic details of the follower.

4. Explore the Instagram feature of Live Video

According to a recent update, it has been discovered that around 250 million people post stories on instagram on monthly basis. The use of live videos by the people on instagram is getting popular in trend day by day and hence, in order to promote this and encourage people to use this feature, Instagram explore page has a special live video feature.

5. Use Hashtags smartly

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Hashtags are very helpful in increasing your reach to the followers for instance, “instafollowfast” and users on instagram and also it has been observed that one hashtags containing post could increase the engagement by 12 percent in comparison to those not devoid of hashtags. Hashtags enhances the engagement amongst users by quickly providing them access to the desirable content, and better engagement means better way to get on the explore page on Instagram.

6. Establish relations with different brands and also tag them in your post

The more you expand your reach to the users, higher will be the engagement and therefore, with better optimization of your content, you can create beneficial partnerships. This can give a kick to get on the explore page of instagram.

7. Tag where you are!!

Those posts that are accompanied with tagged locations are seen to be a better engaging source as compared to those that are posted without tagged location. Explore page also possess a striking feature of “trending locations” which enables you to watch content faster and also makes it more interesting.

8. Make use of catchy captions

Underestimating the power of your caption would be truly disadvantageous as it has the power to encourage the actions on your posts. One of the ways to engage audience with your posts is to mention a compelling call to action (CTA) in the caption of your post.


Therefore, you can promote your product, services and brands through these 8 actionable ways, gain recognition and engage a large number of audiences on Instagram Explore page.

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