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Why don’t we get the internet speed we are promised?

Sometimes you notice that you are not getting the internet speed you are paying for. You may have seen that your service provider tells you that they are providing maximum speeds. For instance, you are paying for a 100Mbps connection, but in reality, you are getting slow internet speeds of about 60 Mbps.

We will look into the fact that why the actual internet speeds vary from the one we are promised.

Actual Internet speed vs. advertised internet speeds

To get your actual internet speed, simply run a speed test on your connection and compare it with the internet speed you were promised while signing up. Research has shown that in the US, most people are getting slower internet speeds than they were promised. They are paying for high-speed internet and not getting the desired internet speeds.

Causes of slow down:

Many factors can slow down the internet speeds for consumers. These involve:

1- End-User issue:

A service provider may not necessarily provide slow internet intentionally. Instead, there can be an issue in the hardware of the end-user. If you still have an old modem that cannot cope with the modern internet speeds or a Wi-Fi connection that is poorly configured, then it’s not the service provider’s fault. Before complaining to your service provider, make sure everything is fine from your end.

2- Distance from the service provider:

If you are far away from your service provider’s hardware, your signal may be weak. If you are in the middle of the city, you will get a faster internet connection, but if you are in the countryside or away from the city, then you can face slower internet connections.

3- Congestion:

The line coming from your internet service provider provides internet to many other customers like you. As all the people use the internet, so there can be congestion. If your neighbors are watching HD videos or playing online games, then you are likely to have a slow internet speed.

4- Time:

There are specific hours during which the load on the internet is very high. During peak hours, many people are using the shared internet connection. It can be the cause of the slow internet speed you are getting.

5- Throttling:

If you have reached a certain amount of downloading data, your service provider may have intentionally slowed down your internet speed. It is quite possible even if they have offered “unlimited” downloading.

6- Server-side issues:

It is not always true to say that the internet service provider is providing slow speeds. Sometimes it depends on the servers from which you are downloading. It also depends on the routers between them. For example, you are sitting in the US and trying to download something from a website that is in Europe, and you are facing slow internet. It may not be your internet service provider’s fault. Instead, it is possible that the website has a poor connection or maybe there are some issues in the routers between the European servers and you.

7- Devices in a router:

We all know that the more internet users are the more the internet speed is slower. It is also an important factor to consider. If you have a large number of people who are connected to the internet, then you can expect slow internet speeds. If someone at your home is streaming HD videos or someone is playing online games, then it is obvious that you will suffer slow internet speeds.


Your internet service provider may not be providing you with the speed promised. We recommend getting a reliable internet connection like CenturyLink internet for consistent speeds throughout! But before complaining to your ISP, make sure to check the above issues from your end. After checking and making sure that everything is going fine from your end, you can ask your internet service provider to explain the difference between expected and given internet connection speeds. If he does not give you a valid reason or provide you with the internet speed you are paying for, try switching the service provider. And, before signing up to a new service provider, discuss and make sure that he satisfies you with his internet connection speeds.

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