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Must-Have Electronic Devices in 2018

The year 2018 is bringing in a new batch of gadgets and electronic devices that represent the latest advances in technology. If you are looking for interesting and functionally excellent new tech devices to buy, consider the following list. Most of them have been introduced in 2018’s CES convention in Las Vegas.

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Smart TVs

TVs will never be passé and each year, they offer something new that may not be a technological breakthrough but is still something that would tickle the fancy of most consumers. The latest smart TVs feature even better screens, sound quality, and more polished software. They make integration with other devices a breeze, enabling connections with web-connected gadgets or IoT devices an intuitive experience. Some of the best smart TVs include Sony A1 Bravia OLED TV, the Panasonic TX-65EZ1002, Samsung Q9F QLED TV, and LG OLED C7. These represent the best in picture and sound quality, form factor, build quality, and software.

Latest Flagship Smartphones

Smartphones will probably remain as one of the must-have gadgets every year for the many years to come. While their yearly upgrades are no longer as significant as they used to be in the last few years, they offer a more polished iteration that makes them better across the board. Arguably, the best smartphones to get are the latest flagship devices from major manufacturers such as the Galaxy S9, iPhone X, Xperia Z2 Premium, Huawei P20, and Google Pixel 2. There are also noteworthy smartphones from lesser known manufacturers such as the Razer phone, which stands out with its HDR display, similar to what the Xperia Z2 has. These devices offer high-quality displays, faster CPUs and GPUs, more efficient systems, larger batteries, faster data connections, better cameras, and advanced software features.

Foldable e-Bike

Created by a Shenzhen based tech firm, Smacircle is a reimagining of the e-bike. It is touted as the world’s most compact & lightweight foldable e-bike. Weighing only around 15 pounds. This e-bike can be folded and converted into a small backpack that can be easily and conveniently carried around when driving it is not practical. It can also be locked using a smartphone. The Smacircle is sold at prices comparable to those of mid-range smartphones.

Bluetooth Headphones for Audiophiles

Music lovers, for the longest time, haven’t been convinced yet to cut the cord as they believe they still get better audio quality by using wired headphones. Things may start changing soon as Bluetooth technology advances and as headphone makers make good use of this to develop wireless headphones with excellent clarity, bass sounds, and latency. The Aventho Wireless Bluetooth headphone is a serious option for audiophiles looking for high quality but affordable wireless headphones.

Smartphone-Powered Laptop

Smartphones nowadays are powerful enough that they can actually be used as laptops or desktops. All you need is just to pair it with a wireless or micro-USB keyboard and mouse. With the USB-on-the-go feature of most smartphones, input devices such as keyboards can be connected to smartphones or tablets to effectively turn them into a laptop or desktop computer. Some smartphones even have a special “desktop” mode to make the user interface similar to that of a standard desktop’s.

There’s a new device, however, that appears to offer a better implementation of the smartphone-to-laptop scheme. This is the Razer Project Linda, which is like a cheap brainless laptop. By itself, it is useless. To make it usable, you have to attach a brain (a smartphone) to it, by inserting a smartphone into the standard laptop location for the touchpad. It then becomes a fully usable laptop albeit powered by Android.

Laser TV

No, this is not a new TV display technology. For now, TVs are still limited to CRT, plasma, LCD, projection, and OLED versions. There’s no such thing as laser display although it’s a possibility. Laser TV here refers to a short throw projection system with laser-like projection quality. This is what is being offered by the Hisense laser TV, which is capable of projecting a 100-inch display that can reject ambient lighting. Unlike most projectors whose displays easily get drowned out by ambient lighting, Hisense laser TV is able to retain a good level of picture quality even in bright environments. There’s one drawback though. This device costs a hefty $10,000. You’re probably better off buying multiple smart TVs with this amount.

Rollable TV

If you were thinking of getting a short-throw projector because you don’t have the space for a large TV or because you want your TV to be easy to move, you may want to consider getting a rollable TV. LG recently introduced a 65-inch 4K OLED TV that rolls into a tube. It’s a large high-quality TV screen that can be conveniently put up in different settings and rolled down for storage or moving. It’s not commercially available yet, though. Also, no details on the pricing and other technical specs have been announced.

Nano 3D Printer

3D printers have become cheaper but they are still not that affordable for many. If you want to have your own 3D printer, getting the da Vinci Nano 3D is not a bad decision. This single color 3D printer is small and highly portable. It is suitable for those who are new to 3D printing and great for home and classroom use. Even better, it only costs $229. Don’t expect it to be the fastest and most capable 3D printer, though.

Accurate Wearable Health Tracker

Wearable health tracking devices are not new but not many of them are that accurate and reliable. If you are thinking of getting one, you may want to consider the Omron HeartGuide, a smartwatch that comes with a medical-grade blood pressure tracking system. It is also equipped with other fitness tracking features similar to what you would find in other fitness wearables.

HDR Laptops

Laptops at present are no longer used for work or web surfing. They are also one of the preferred devices for media consumption. That’s why it only makes sense for their displays to be upgraded. Unfortunately, not many manufacturers emphasize the quality of their laptops’ displays. Fortunately, some companies have upped their game. Lenovo, for example, introduced a pair of laptops with HDR video support. HDR may not be a major concern for laptop users now but it is a growing trend especially with smartphones now capable of taking HDR photos and videos.

It’s worth noting that HDR videos are starting to gain traction on YouTube now supporting the technology. You may have seen HDR vs standard video comparisons being shown on YouTube and you probably thought HDR is not really that good. You may have even thought that HDR videos are worse. This is likely because you were viewing the videos on a display that does not support HDR video. You cannot appreciate the benefits of HDR video if you are not using an HDR monitor or display.

These are just some of the most interesting electronic devices released or introduced in 2018. There are still months to go in 2018 and more devices and exciting tech are set to be released. If the gadgets or devices featured above are a hint of what’s to come in the later part of the year, it’s very well justified to be even more excited.

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