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7 Useful Ways To Clean and Maintain Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product which is fused together with a lamination process. It has gained popularity because it is easier to install, costs less and is more durable & hygienic than other flooring options, like hardwood flooring.

Laminate floors Dublin is the most preferred flooring option for DIY installers because either the flooring is packaged with sufficient tongue and groove planks to click them to one another or have a glue backing for easy installation.

Need For Cleaning Laminate Floors

Just like any other flooring material, Laminate floors also require regular cleaning to maintain its quality and texture over time. There are many factors that may cause damage to your floors, such as:

  1. Dust or sand particles may scratch the surface of your floor over time; stealing away its beauty and texture.
  2. Although most laminate floors are coated with water-resistant chemicals, sitting water for a long period may cause the wood to swell or warp. So keep it dry!
  3. The feet of your furniture may also damage the surface, which is why adhesive pads are recommended for the feet of your furniture to avoid scratches.
  4. The two reasons to avoid buying inferior quality planks are as follows:
    1. If the glue is of inferior quality, the planks may separate over time. It will create gaps, which will then be filled with dirt and dust. Then, you might have to tap them together.
    2. The tongue and groove planks may not fit properly because of inefficient designing.

Expert Tip: Avoid dusting your upholstery and carpet yourself, as it may lead to your floors getting unnecessarily dirty too. Hire professional cleaners to ensure efficient cleaning of your place; keeping in mind the care of your laminate floors.

Clean & Maintain With Care

Installing laminate floors was an amazing decision because cleaning and maintaining them are easier than cleaning other flooring materials. There are many ways to clean and maintain laminate floors, such as:

1. Sweep regularly

This is the most general way of cleaning laminate floors. Use a vacuum cleaner or a dry mop brush to sweep the floor surface every few days to avoid the accumulation of dust, dirt or sand particles. This will also help in preventing scratches on the floor, which can steal away the beauty of the surface, as already mentioned above.

2. Clean spills immediately

Any kind of sitting liquid on the floor surface can damage the appearance of the flooring material. It can also cause the material to swell or warp. It is advisable to clean the spills with a dry cloth immediately to avoid unnecessary damage. Spills can happen anytime, anywhere, especially when you have a pet or kids at home. So, if there is a spill, you need to make sure that it is wiped off right away.

3. Vinegar and water solution

Are there stains on your laminate floors? Do you know how to get rid of them? Here is an expert tip: make a solution of vinegar and water in the ratio 1:15 respectively. Pour it into a spray bottle for ease of use. Spray the stained area with the solution and then, use a damp mop or cloth to wipe off the stains. Vinegar is too abrasive, which is why you have to make a water-based solution. You can also make a solution from vinegar, liquid dish detergent and warm water (in the ratio 8:1:400 respectively). Vinegar and water are preferred to liquid dish detergent because detergents can also react with the floor surface, especially if used a lot. If you want to restore the original look of your floor, you can call professionals for floor sanding London.

4. Gentle soap

Hot water with baby shampoo or mild detergent can also be used to clean the floor regularly to remove all stains and keep the floors shiny-like-new. Don’t use soap every day because it can affect the texture of the surface.

Window cleaner, plastic knife, acetone, ice & pencil eraser

You can use different products to clean different kinds of stains like blood stains can be removed with the help of window cleaner, chewing gums stains can be scraped off with the help of a plastic knife, nail polish stains can be removed with nail polish remover (acetone), grease stains can be removed by freezing it with an ice pack and heel marks can be removed with a pencil eraser. Don’t use any product to clean the stains; either consult an expert or call in a professional to take care of stains which are difficult to remove to avoid affecting the appearance of the floor surface.

Note: Don’t overuse ammonia because it can damage the floor surface.

5. Mats and carpets

Mats and carpets can be used to maintain your laminate floors, as it will not only keep the floors clean and pretty but also offer a soft surface to walk or sit on. Keep a mat under your furry friend’s bowl to avoid spills, one at the door so that people wipe their footwear before entering the place and a beautiful carpet in the living room will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place as well as aid in keeping the floors maintained. You can hire professional cleaners to clean mats and carpets to remove the dirt completely, as it can cause allergies and infections.

6. Don’t move

You might have purchased beautiful furniture for your place but do you move it often? Do they have wheels on their feet? If they don’t have wheels, then use adhesive pads to avoid unwanted scratches. Even with wheels, frequent movement can cause scratches on the floors, so it is better to avoid moving it often.

Benefits Of Choosing Laminate Floors

  • Versatile and durable.
  • readily available in many textures and styles.
  • Wet mopping is not recommended.
  • Cleaning with a broom is enough.
  • Easy installation.
  • Costs less than other flooring options.

There is no doubt that laminate floors are the best choice for your place because of the benefits mentioned above, and even cleaning them is not tedious. Keeping them maintained is a task which just requires a careful approach and not many efforts, so don’t be too lazy to follow the above-mentioned tips.

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