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Customers are advised to throw away hoverboards by Amazon

Nowadays one of the cool things to be owned by growing teenagers is hoverboards. Experts feel that these scooters which are self balancing in nature pose a major risk to young growing teenagers. Amazon very recently recommended their customers to do away with hoverboards. The main reason for such a public statement was that Amazon felt that these hoverboards were very unsafe when teenagers used them to travel on public pavements and roads. In fact Amazon also suggested that these hoverboards could be recycled if they enjoyed non-complaint UK plug feature. In fact the concern shared by Amazon was so extensive that, it maintained that it would reimburse all purchases of hoverboards made in Amazon, during the last few days.


Why was this action taken?

Amazon is a global company which has its HQ at Seattle. It is famous for its online stores, cloud computing services and e-commerce. Most readers are well accustomed with the Amazon Kindle range and the Fire range of phones, TV and tablets. Based on market capitalization, Amazon has surpassed Walmart recently. Therefore most people were quite curious regarding why such an action was undertaken by Amazon. Some organizations were concerned regarding the safety of people using these hoverboards. In fact few experts pointed out that the hoverboards could explode if they caught fire. Some also cautioned that they did not follow basic regulations of safety. London Fire Brigade confirmed this concern when it mentioned that numerous accidents were reported where the hoverboards had caught fire. November Trading-Standards added that nearly fifteen thousand hoverboards were being shipped to UK. Thus Amazon publicly apologized for the limitations suffered and ordered their hoverboards sales to be stopped immediately. Amazon maintained that public concern was the highest concern for them.

What was contained in the email sent by Amazon?

Taking corrective steps, Amazon emailed all its UK customers. The email warned the customers that the charging connections and the plugs might have some faults in them. This email clearly stated that the purchase undertaken from Amazon was unsafe and it had a plug which was non compliant in nature. Further actions were taken like the hover-board product listings were removed from the Amazon online store. Amazon officials maintained that this would continue till the product was not found safe and can be used again by the consumers. Other companies like John Lewis and Argon have also undertake similar activities.

What was the general reaction?

Amazon received extensive reactions when it stopped the sale of hoverboards from its online stores and also reimbursed purchases which were made earlier. Lauran Song a spokesman from Swagway praised Amazon in its attempt. It further maintained that safety of customers was something that Swagway associated itself with and thus Amazon had taken a great step when it stopped selling low quality hoverboards. Many community leaders like Coun Tracey Dixon (active member in South Tyneside community) explained that during Christmas, electronic equipments are very popular among American families. Thus they would be many families who might be planning to buy one. Amazon maintained that it refunded the purchases of hoverboards made earlier within 3 days. It also urged the customers to send their hover-board to a recycling center immediately.

What did Amazon suggest to Swagway?

Swagway maintained that Amazon had asked them to issue documents which would reveal that the chargers and the hoverboards batteries were safe and followed the basic safety guidelines needed. Even good quality hoverboards had caught fire. One of the simple cautionary steps to follow is not to overcharge it. This could make the boards explode. Another effective strategy would be to leaving it charging overnight, continuously.


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