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With Pokémon Go Craze – 6 Ways Businesses Can Make Money Out Of It This 2017

Pokémon Go Craze has taken the world by storm, no matter if you like it or not? If you are addicted then you might wish to make money out of it in the right process. Have you noticed that a lot many people continue to glue at their smart phones when compared than usual? They are either playing Pokémon Go or doing something else. Whether you are an ecommerce shop owner who is aware of this or not your business stand profit from participating in the new gaming craze.

What is Pokémon Go? As described it’s a smart phone game that uses the GPRs detecting your location, matching your progress in the game. In case there is character that is hidden in your location then it will show up in your phone. You need to keep moving around in order to find more characters of the game. It’s like matching up with reality and virtual reality and is popular with eighteen to thirty four demographic. So if you have got some spare time from your busy schedule you can use the app popularity in order to make some money out of it.

Downloading the app and playing the game:

Go to the Google App Store or the app store and begin by downloading and playing the game. Once you are familiarized with the nature of the game, you need to then identify and know if your business is appearing as the Pokéstop or as a gym. Your proximity in these two types of games say real estate will make a huge difference on how likely you see new people walking in on regular basis. Often situated by local landmark Pokéstop are those areas of the game where the users will flock to acquire those straps. These gyms are then better understood as fighting grounds, where the users can congregate to train their fighters duking out of it.


Requesting for a Pokéstop for your business:

The First thing you need to do is submit a request form in order to get Pokéstop or Gym for your business. This Pokéstop will then show you the players place on the map in order to congregate for special Pokémon, eggs, and other treats of the game. These are generally noted by blue cubes on game. And when you have users to tap your Pokéstop, they will see the details provided for your business.


Offering free advice and charging stations:

If you want the Pokémon Go players to play at your business, then there are two important things you will definitely need. Use these social channels and the window signage to let the individuals know that you have been offering both so that they will feel free to come forward and play. Also make sure that you add up some extra signage around your business encouraging the players to go ahead and do the following.


Selling Your Pokémon account:

You need to really work hard to grow your Pokémon account and then selling it off to the highest bidder. When the game first came out it was easy enough to sell the account for some 100$. However now when the game is tend to become more popular than before, these accounts are now sold for around 30$ – 50$ depending on your various level of Pokédex. For instance one account that had full Pokédex sold it for 1,499$ in august 2016. So in order to sell your account you will have to link it with a disposable email account. It will not make any sense of selling your Pokémon account which is attached to your personal email id.


Hosting a Lure Party:

One item that can generally be placed on Pokéstop is called as the Lure Model. Once the entire process is activated, the model will attract all the wild Pokémon (the players) to the location. So consider buying a package of these lure models advertising it as the Pokémon Go Craze Lure Party. In case your business is on or near the Pokéstop store, having a lure party can be one of the best ways of bringing players to your establishment.  Though this is a cheap and easy form of marketing, creating a Pokémon Go Stop account by downloading it for free with some great deals is one of the best ways of bringing in some extra money into it. So buy a package of lure models with a few million dollars of real cash and then set them up at your nearest store. Remember each lure is active say for thirty minutes so that you can use them in succession creating a party that will continue to lasts as long as you like.


Gamify the customer experience:

Think about the different ways you could incorporate game into your gaming customer experience. Pokémon go craze is all about – ok, may be or not all kind of experiences throwing balls and trying to capture Pokémon. You can also think of different ways to incorporate the simplest different concepts into your business. Do a quick search on Pokémon go craze in order to see what the basics generally look like tying up in the theme a little more.


To conclude:

Your business can definitely gain profit from Pokémon Crazy Go, without any copyright issues or the trade mark laws. It is a good idea to create a theme special or promotion because though it just gives a slight discount, it can still turn things into profit as you continue making sales. If Pokémon go is something is crazy in your area then consider holding a workshop. Hire a trainer and charge your workshop attendance with some discounts in terms of refreshments, gear or items that will help you increase your business. Promoting safe game play while making more money helps you to promote your business positively. So what other strategies you feel your company can make money from the Pokémon Go.


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