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Technology Every Homeowner Should Use When Selling Their Home

Technology changes the way we live, and it’s been changing lives at a rapid pace over the past few decades. It’s impossible to believe there was a time a decade ago when no one had a clue what their third-grade best friend from 1986 had for breakfast the morning before living on separate continents and not speaking in person for more than three decades. Technology makes it possible for the world to get a glimpse of what life is like in the homes of people we’ve never even met at any given moment. It’s changing the way we do business, the way we live, and the way we sell our homes. Now is the time to take advantage of what technology has to offer when it comes to selling your home, both in the home and to market your home whether you’re using a realtor or if it’s for sale by the owner.

Security Systems Pay Off

There was a time when home security systems were something most people associated with wealthy people. Now they’re everywhere. You can get cameras installed at every door, window, and corner of your property, and it costs next to nothing. Add a home security system if you haven’t already. Buyers see it as an added layer of protection, making them feel safer and more at home in your home should they choose to purchase your home.

Add a Smart Thermostat

New homeowners want to see everything upgraded from a technological standpoint. A smart thermostat buyers can operate from their phones or their Google Home command center makes buyers eager to buy your home. Millennials and the younger generation working on their first jobs and their first-time homebuying process want to see minor additions like this. It costs only a few hundred dollars, but buyers will pay far more for a smart home than one with a traditional thermostat.

Use Social Media

When it comes to marketing and selling your home, you should use technology to assist you. Social media is the best way to market your home. You can pay as little as $7 to place an ad on Facebook that pops up on the newsfeed of everyone in your city or home highlighting all the amazing things your home. This type of marketing brings with it a new style of buyer, as well as a myriad of buyers who might not know about your home without social media.

3-D Home Tours

Today, selling your home in an ever-changing real estate market means using whatever resources are at your disposal. This type of 3-D home tour allows buyers a new perspective when they enter your home. Your home will stand out in a sea of homes with traditional photos and videos, making buyers remember how it felt to walk through your home in a 3-D video. It can bring buyers to your home in droves, which is precisely what you want.

Smart Tech Changes

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference. New parents might come into your home and love that they can change a dirty diaper and simply tap the kitchen faucet with the back of their hand to turn the water on. This saves them from taking the time to wipe down various surfaces to prevent the spread of germs when life gets in the way. A tech-savvy young couple might appreciate outlets with USB ports for their many devices throughout the house. An older couple might appreciate voice commands that allow them to turn on the lights without ever getting out of bed to keep them safer in the dark.

Selling your home is easier when you use technology to make it stand out, whether it’s making sure future buyers have all the high-tech items they need in their new house or using it to market your home when it’s for sale. Don’t let technology bypass you. Use it to your advantage.

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