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How to avoid plagiarism by using the internet technology?

When it comes to writing assignments and other academic work, the number one element which should be ensured is plagiarism. Plagiarism is like a sin and a crime in writing, where you cannot afford any mishaps. When there is any percentage of plagiarism detected in an academic assignment, then as a student, you are in trouble. Universities and institutions have no tolerance policy for plagiarism and plagiarized content as they just cannot simply allow students to copy someone’s idea and work.


Therefore, as a student, you must ensure a way where plagiarism is avoided at all times in the work. With the help of the internet technology, it is easier to both detect plagiarism and also avoid plagiarism in the same manner. There are applications and software through which you can really avoid plagiarism. You can do that and ensure that not only the quality of your assignment is credible and good, but also there is no chance that your assignment will be rejected by the institution’s plagiarism policy. Today’s blog post is going to talk about the various ways through which students can avoid plagiarism using the internet technology.

Installing applications related to content originality

There are ways through which you can automatically detect any chances of plagiarism in your content. This can be done with the help of using various applications like GiveItIn, CopyScape and TurnItIn. These software can detect any kind of copied content that can be found anywhere on the internet and also advise you to fix it on the spot. Lots of students around the world use such applications in order to provide the best kind of content which is unique and also original. In today’s world, accessing these applications is not a very difficult task, so you should be perfectly comfortable with it.

Using the right references and bibliography

Another way to avoid plagiarism in the content is to use the best internet references and citations. When you are working on different academic assignments, especially the ones including lots of research, then you will have to use strong internet based references. References are a way that can help you use other’s work and sources in the legal manner in order to support your argument and statements within the assignment. This is why usually most institutions, have now incorporated the idea of using references and citations in a particular format as a part of the assignment. There are different styles of referencing used around the world with the likes of APA, Harvard etc.

Not writing blind

Sometimes students just read and write without any sense and with complete blindness. Writing blindly contributes to the biggest plagiarism in your content. This is why you must scrutinize your sources, write with a complete thought process and use plagiarism detection software.

Outlining your work using the internet

With different outlining websites, you can make a thorough outline of the sources and ideas you will use in the assignment and this can help you avoid plagiarism by providing you the right references to the arguments and ideas.


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