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The Anatomy of Getting Started with On-Demand Economy in 2021

The traditional way of doing business has been replaced by an on-demand economy. In simple terms, an on-demand economy refers to an advanced mechanism through which buyers and sellers can connect with ease. It makes it easier for them to leverage the service at their convenience anytime and from anywhere. On-demand platforms have made it easier for businesses to offer or sell their service on a specific platform with ease.

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Now it has become more convenient and possible to offer the service right at customers’ doors and as early as possible. With the emergence of on-demand apps, the on-demand business approach has experienced massive momentum in a short duration of time. Various industries have created the on-demand economy, these includes:

  • Meal delivery sector
  • Transportation sector
  • Healthcare
  • Home & personal services
  • Entertainment
  • Education

The on-demand economy is thriving globally as a broad audience has opted for it because it made their lives more convenient and comfortable than ever before. According to a survey, more than 45 million Americans, or approximately 22% of the adult population, have started working or provide one or another type of on-demand economy. However, the survey also shows that more than 86.5 million Americans, 42% of the adult population, have started using on-demand services.

What is an On-demand Economy?

Economic activities that are influenced by the digital transformation are termed as an on-demand economy. Brands providing on-demand products and services to users right at their doorsteps come under on-demand economy criteria—the best example of such businesses as Uber, Amazon, UberEats, etc.

The “Click & Collect” economy makes it easier for customers to order anything online and get it delivered right at their doorsteps. Businesses offering on-demand services are experiencing a massive jump in their sector. With changing customer behavior, companies focus more on different marketing approaches.

Learn to Get Started with On-Demand Economy in 2021

The on-demand economy is growing at an unexceptional speed due to COVID 19 outspread. It helps businesses fulfill the customers’ demand by offering them quick access, convenience, and personalized experience to customers whenever and wherever they demand. PwC research found that the on-demand economy will reach around $335 billion by the end of 2025.

Harvard Business Review shows that U.S. consumers spend $57.6 billion on the on-demand economy. Simultaneously, 22.4 million users are attracted to pay more amount on the on-demand economy. The on-demand economy has reshaped the concept things are functioning and working across different business sectors. All business sectors that have opted for on-demand delivery sectors are expanding at rapid growth.

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Almost every business sector has accepted the on-demand concepts, including the food ordering business. Business vendors have stepped forward to adopt the on-demand economy based on specific needs and business requirements. Check a few of the different ways the on-demand economy has changed the way businesses offer their business service and products to customers.

Contactless Delivery

Due to COVID 19 outspread globally, an increasing number of customers prefer to shop online. They mostly avoid visiting physical stores and choose to switch to online platforms. And to meet customers’ safety and security requirements, it becomes essential for businesses to opt for a different approach that helps them cater to market needs efficiently. You need to find other ways that help you offer more to your targeted customers in no time.

The COVID 19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the purchasing behavior of customers. Statista report shows that more than 37% of customers prefer to shop from brands that offer them a contactless delivery option. Purchasing online and picking it from stores has gained tremendous popularity, while 29% of U.S. customers repeatedly carried out this process than the usual one.

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Contactless delivery, you might have heard these terms frequently during the pandemic. To save customers, employees, and the spread of the virus, many businesses have opted for the term “contactless delivery.” Many have integrated the “Contactless Delivery” feature or option within online restaurant ordering systems to offer safer delivery to customers on their demand. When customers use these options, delivery providers leave the delivery outside of their doorsteps, promoting social distancing and avoid the spread of the COVID 19 virus.


Customers these days want to have everything instantly, starting from shopping for goods to meals. Hence it becomes essential for businesses to enhance their accessibility over the web. The on-demand economy played a vital role in curbing the spread of the deadly virus and offering qualitative service to customers’ doorsteps at their convenience. Most on-demand businesses are thriving to fulfill customers’ expectations more efficiently than ever before.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting is one of the essential points which need to be considered. Its business classifies as a specific segment and cluster of its users based on a different criterion. Knowing customer behaviors can help you offer them the best service they thrive on having from your brand. You can use modern technology such as big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and many others to have deep insight into your customer behavior.


Customers expect that brands must know them personally. You need to understand that customer experience does not come from buying and selling products. It treats your prospects from the first visit and offers touchpoints to your customers. Most e-commerce brands are trying to provide the best experience throughout the customer journey. You can introduce in-home ordering through Alexa and Google; these make it easier for customers to get their orders delivered at their doorstep without hassle.

Discounts and Deals

Personalization is one of the essential features of the on-demand economy. It’s one of the critical elements that ensure your brand’s success and growth in today’s competitive market. Additionally, brands can also offer various discounts and other deals to drive the customers’ attention in no time. You can use the push notification feature to make your customers about the new offerings and other things easily. It can help you drive more and more customers’ attention, increasing your business sales and profit ratio.

Let’s Bite Up!

If you’re looking to make your space in an on-demand economy, then you might come across the question, “what is the future of the on-demand economy.” Undoubtedly it’s a bit difficult to predict the future of the on-demand economy as it has a long way to go. If you have decided to become its part, you have taken the right step, which will benefit you in the long run.

The on-demand business model has proven to be the best and convenient choice, which might surprise you by providing you with the best result ever. Additionally, with the advent of modern technology and increasing internet usage, most companies face fierce competition. Hence, they need to provide quick and best service to customers as early as possible and do it through on-demand apps.

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