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Cyber Crime Infographic

In recent times, we have witnessed an increase in the instance and in the news reporting of cyber attacks. Cyber attacks can hit almost all spectrums of society. We have seen cyber attacks infiltrating the financial industry, which can lead to not only chaos but uncertainty, worry and inconvenience for all involved. We have seen high profile data breaches in the entertainment industry (Sony) which even affected a major motion picture release. We have witnessed cyber attacks even on government and security organisations such as the CIA and the Pentagon which of course is worrying in terms of national security.

High profile businesses can be severely hit by cyber attacks in terms of the repercussions. The cyber attacks can obviously be monumentally bad for the basic operations of the company if important data is breached but there are also public relations issues to be considered. If not dealt with well, these can end up costing the company even further in terms of long term custom and brand loyalty. A crisis public relations strategy needs to be thought about as well as disaster recovery in terms of sorting the integrity of the data breaches.

This infographic from ERS I.T. Solutions Ltd. takes an in-depth look at the area of cyber attacks especially in corporate business and how it affects it. It focuses on specific statistics that highlight how important this issue is. It also looks at some quotes from experts in the area which make an interesting read.


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