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Create a Content Marketing Funnel for Your WordPress Website [Infographic]

Content marketing, in recent years, has been hailed the “king” of marketing efforts for most, if not all, of businesses and brands. With its power to relate and persuade audiences, it has helped businesses reach bigger audiences in their niche (and sometimes outside of their direct niche but still has an interest in the topic) and drive more organic traffic to their websites. Audiences nowadays are looking for knowledge and information, and content marketing hits this need head-on.

Content marketing is a great way for businesses to not only gain traffic, but also share their expertise with their niche, thus making them more credible and legitimate as an authority figure. With this image, it’s easier for businesses to gain the trust of their audience and thus let them develop a belief system with the business’ word.

Due to this, a lot of marketers are now implementing and increasing the amount of custom content they are producing, plus fortifying their strategy and budget for content marketing. But not everyone is converting this content into a strategic sales funnel, which is important seeing as how the global market dynamics continue to change.

To reach your audience and provide them with the right content in the right time, you not only need to be able to do so in as many effective ways as possible, but also put processes in place that gives them what they need and enables them to be made aware of what you do and how it will help their needs. This is one of the most basic premises of content marketing.

Once you’re given a lot of value throughout each stage of the sales funnel and your prospects are now willing to pay for your products or services, this is now the time that you can then start steering them towards making a purchasing decision.

This is possible through developing a content marketing funnel. Learn more about it with this infographic:

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