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Talk by AnyMeeting: Easily Setup Conference Calls

All the advances in technology, specifically in the communication niche, made conference calls much more easy to handle. Today’s smartphones have incorporated functionalities to support these calls, easily allowing to invite other participants.

Still, sometimes setting up a conference call is hard, as it may require several tools to create, plan and invite people to it. A service recently launched by AnyMeeting, though, aims to eliminate all the possible setbacks involving conference calls, by making them as easy as possible to organize: let’s meet Talk.

Talk allows users to schedule and set up a conference call with a single email. They just need to address that email to all the participants in the call and CC the email [email protected]. This way, each participant (including the user inviting the others) will receive an email from AnyMeeting containing all the necessary information to hold the call, like the time it will happen, the number they should call and the security pin that will give them access.

An alternative way to use Talk is through a calendar service allowing the invitation of contacts through email. In here, one just needs to invite all the participants and the aforementioned email address, which gives the ability to schedule that conference call for a given time.

Using this second method, there is also the possibility to change details in the initial invitation, like the time in which the call will happen, and AnyMeeting will automatically warn all of the participants about the updates.

When we compare Talk with other alternative services (like Microsoft Outlook), the conclusions seem to be clear: it requires way less efforts to schedule and set up conference calls, which is just perfect and convenient in today’s busy world.

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