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The Top Prank Calling Apps of 2020

Most of us love making the odd prank call from time to time as they often create hilarious reactions. As smartphones have become part of our daily lives, prank call apps have increased in popularity due to their convenience and unique features offered.

A good prank dial app offers great entertainment while keeping your identity hidden, ensuring your personal details are secure.

Below are our top 4 recommendations that offer the very best of what prank calling apps are capable of today:


If you’ve been up to no good terrorizing your friends making prank calls making you a potential suspect, then SpoofCard should be the first app you download today.

The function of this app is to protect your identity at all costs ensuring you are completely anonymous when making a prank call.

Spoofcard allows users to not only hide their Caller ID but to change it to any number. If your Caller ID is exposed, it can be identified and traced back to you. The last thing you need is your angry victims banging on your door or even worse, reporting you to the police.

Not only does this provide protection, but it makes for great prank calls. Want to trick a family member? Type in your mom’s phone number, so they will think mom is calling.

It also has other fun features like changing your voice to a man or a woman, making it a good voice changing app. The app also has additional background sound effects which you can play during phone calls. It also records prank calls so you can share with friends and family.

Another unique function is its voicemail application, phone calls you make will go directly to another person’s voicemail appearing like they missed your calls.

Hack Prank

The Hack Prank app allows you to do harmless pretend hacks on your friend’s phone, causing some no doubt terrifying reactions.

We’ve all seen it on the big screen whether it’s in the movies or series like Mr Robot and now you can try it for yourself.

So how does it work? It’s Easy. The hardest part will be burrowing your friend’s phone but once you do that, you can start by downloading the app.

Once downloaded, you can customize a fake message to pop up into the phone screen, after setting the time the message will appear after the countdown ends.

Give your friends phone back and regardless of what app they are using the fake message will appear, giving the impression someone has hacked their phone.

Fun message ideas could be ‘Phone infiltrated, retrieving data’ or ‘Recording browsing history and sending to remote server’. The possibilities are endless, be as creative as you like.

Visually the app design resembles a command prompt, making it appear more real.

Ownage Pranks

Ever since the hilarious Ownage Pranks youtube channel released their prank calling app its popularity has exploded and has become one of the most downloaded prank apps on the net.

This app has pre-scripted recordings which are voiced by professional voice actors including Russel Johnson (creator of the channel and responsible for the majority of recurring characters).

These pre-recordings are automated to send once you begin the prank call, during calls the apps ‘Speech Recognition Technology’ AI can quickly analyze a conversation choosing the right times to respond and pause.

This AI will make your unsuspecting friends assume it’s a real person avoiding you altogether of suspicion.

There are over 100 prank scripts to select from which are categorized under different prank genres.

For example, if you want to prank call a friend at their workplace go to the ‘Jobs and Workplace’ section or for your love interest browse through ‘Dating & Love’.

Hilarious prank scripts for someone you’re currently dating would be ‘Stay Away From My Girl’ or ‘Stay Away From My Man’.

Features include:

  • 100+ prank scenarios included. Some include ‘Cat Facts’ and ‘Naughty Phone Survey.’
  • Pranks hall of fame accept the best reaction submissions
  • Additional Prank Scripts regularly

Pocket Casts

A unique entry on our list Pocket Casts is not precisely a prank calling app but is a great tool for pranksters wishing to improve their skills and take it to the next level.

This app has many pranks calling shows in the way of podcasts.

By listening in regularly, you can gain insight on the newest funniest prank calls done to regular people and keep your material fresh and exciting.

Shows include The Prank Call Podcast, The Snow Plow Show and Madhouse Radio. Every week a new episode is released, so there is plenty of content to enjoy and learn.

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