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Published on June 23rd, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


E-commerce Sales through SEO: The importance of training and the techniques

Sales tend to be the mainstayof any business for its survival and growth. In today’s time, having a digital footprint is essential for boosting sales. The e-commerce clocked nearly $2.3 trillion in salesin 2017 across the globe, and it is likely to register $4.88 trillion by 2021. If you wish to boostconversions for your business, you need to use a compelling SEO strategy. Otherwise, it can be difficult to stand your ground when the environment is so cutthroat. You have to increase your awareness and execute SEO techniques to gain visibility, loyal customers, and book sales.

SEO is an ever-evolving field, where best practices also keep changing. Due to the lack of a stronghold in this, you may not realize whether you are doing the right thing or not required for conversions. However, if you train yourself with a reputable SEO course and go on upgrading your knowledge, you can have assurance about your move and benefit the business as well. So, if possible, enroll yourself in one of the trusted training programs. Your awareness of the tools and frameworks can come in handy in applying the strategies. Also, you can feel confident about what you implement because you no more do random stuff.

Different types of online SEO programs are readily available for learners. For honing your skills in lead generation and sales, you can look for a specialized module in this. Along withthat, you can also go through a few tips to enhance your understanding of the requirements for generating sales.

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SEO strategies for boosting online sales for e-commerce



Keywords help prospects discover you, and hence, they form an integral part of the search engine optimization strategy. You have to make sure you use them wisely across content, website, URLs, headings, images, metadata, emails, and page titles. For finding the relevant keywords for your business, you can check Google AdWords. The tool can suggest you short-as well as long-tail keywords. You have to incorporate them both to broaden your reach and chances of appearing before your users frequently.

Local focus

Every SEO guru reiterates the importance of tapping into local and mobile content due to the rising demand. It will not be wrong to say that local SEO and mobile devices have a close connection. The main reason behind this is the search intent. As significant as 30% of these searches reflect local search behavior.Additionally, more than 70% of these customers or search engine users visit a business after getting information. Hence, it makes sense to be specific about local content and its mobile-friendliness.

On-page SEO

Another area to focus on is on-page SEO for sales improvement. This technique increases the usability of your site, helps index the pages, gives better rankings to your pages and enhances the use of visual elements. For on-page SEO, you need to take care of a variety of things, including:

  • Improving the loading time of your website pages to curb or reduce bounce rates.
  • Using relevant keywords and descriptions in the headings for more optimization.
  • Making title tags descriptive and distinctive.
  • Adding internal links to the website content for easy navigation and indexing.
  • Creating useful and readable URLs.
  • Incorporating meta descriptions for higher visibility of SERPs and their relevance.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Not everyone pays this aspect as much attention as they should when talking about SEO. But you cannot afford to ignore it. With better reputation management, you can significantly control what your potential customers would find about you when searching for your products or services. If you fail here, you risk coming across as a poor service provider or product company before them. How? Suppose you are a restaurant business. A large section of people gives you low ratings and negative reviews. If you are not responsive or lack any plan for tackling this issue, you end up portraying such an image before the new or potential customers.

As evident, reputation management ensures that people see you in the good or at least positive light. It should motivate them to associate with you. Some of the tactics that can come in handy for this purpose include – keeping constant watch over public ratings and reviews, handling negative feedback with a professional and calm mind, attracting positive reviews and comments from happy users.


No matter what strategy you formulate for leads and sales generation, you cannot proceed without excellent quality content. Content carries all the keywords and works as a robust tool for conversions. It is a vehicle that helps you reach out to your customers. Hence, you should know how to use your content for sales. Customers usually ransack the internet to find out a product or service they need. For this, they can read social media posts, website pages, blogs, and other articles that satisfy their query. You have to use all these mediums to answer their questions and help them solve their problems. Your content must be authoritative, relevant, and attractive so that they engage with it and eventually select you.

In essence, make your content the core of inbound marketing by optimizing it the right way. It would be best to leverage all the modes of content generation for an increase in sales in this context through blogs, Infographics, videos, animations, guest blogs, product reviews, and podcasts.

Lead and sales generation is the backbone of any small or large business. Without them, you cannot expect growth or even sustenance. And when everything is turning digital, it becomes vital to exploit this route and get ahead. If you tried and tested a few of the strategies mentioned above and didn’t see any result, it means there is a need to get under its skin and fine-tune your skills. There are specialized SEO training courses for interested and ambitious learners. You can join one of them and apply your newly-acquired knowledge to this field. Also, remind yourselfyou can never fail to achieve your SEO goals with proper information and support.

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