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Why Videos Are Critical For Your Website and Marketing Strategy

Owners of online businesses can no longer ignore the benefits of video marketing. If you sell a product or service over the internet, incorporating video into your marketing strategy, will help you reach the right prospects with the right message. Here are a few reasons video is critical for your business’s website and its marketing strategy.

Consumers Love Video

Consumers of all demographics love watching video. In fact, a report by the networking hardware manufacturer Cisco predicts that 82 percent of all consumer activity on the internet will consist of video by 2021. As tablets and smartphones evolve to become faster and more powerful, online video consumption will continue to grow in its wake. If your business’s website or marketing strategy doesn’t include this type of rich media, however, you won’t be able to reach these users.

Encourages Higher Search Engine Rankings

Although it’s not a foolproof method for obtaining high search rankings, video can help with your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) plan. One study found that adding video to a web page increased the page’s chance of ranking on the first page of Google results by 5300 percent. This makes sense because Google emphasizes content in its ranking algorithm. Web pages with high-quality content that’s relevant and engaging to users are more likely to rank in the top three results than web pages with low-quality, irrelevant content. Publishing high-quality videos on your website fills it with useful content that resonates with both visitors and search engines, thereby encouraging higher rankings.

Easily Convey Messages

You can easily convey your business’s messages using video. Research has shown that a one-minute video contains roughly the same amount of content as 1.8 million words of text. Rather than leaving yourself susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome, use video to convey long messages instead of text. If your website sells pools, for example, you can publish a video explaining the factors that affect the cost of a pool. In this video, you can educate your prospective buyers about your product and reap the benefits of more inquiries and sales.

Video Ads

Your business’s website is only one channel where you can publish and share videos. Online advertising services like AdWords and Facebook Ads also support video as an ad format. If you’re struggling to attract organic views to your YouTube videos, consider using AdWords. Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) service, AdWords supports YouTube targeting with video ads. On the other hand, Facebook Ads allows you to target Facebook users with relevant video ads.

Social Shares

Pay attention to your Facebook News Feed the next time you log in to the social media network. You’ll probably discover a significant amount of videos. Videos are shared more frequently on social media than any other type of content, and each share means more traffic and visibility for your business.

Will Videos Slow Down My Website?

Some webmasters avoid using video on their website, believing it will force visitors to wait longer for their site to load. Normally, when you add large files to a web page, such as high-resolution images, it slows down the page. You can avoid this from happening to your business’s website, however, by hosting your videos on YouTube or a similar third-party platform. After uploading a video to the platform, you can embed it into your web page. This means visitors can watch the video directly on your site, but the platform’s bandwidth will be used to serve the video to visitors.

Video is a powerful type of content that can help you create a beautiful, engaging website that keeps visitors coming back. To take advantage of this, though, you must produce high-quality videos that are relevant to your business’s customers.

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