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3 iPhone Mockup Setups that Totally Make Sense IRL

There are probably hundreds of mockups out there that you could use for presentations of your digital product. There are those that are basic, basically just showing a device where you could show off the design of your digital product, and then there are some that splashes the mockup with bright colors to make it more lively. Still, there are mockups that will make you go scratching your head because they are outlandish. And then there are those that make frown, but the more you see it, the more you realize that they actually make sense—especially when you take in real life.

First, there are so many websites that offer you great PSD mockup templates. One of them is user exchange website Ramotion, which has a new lineup of mockups available in PSD and Sketch. The new set features the iPhone 11 lineup, the newest from Apple. Among the downloadable samples are mockups in PSD file showing the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

There are reports that the sales for iPhone 11 have not been as stellar as previous models. But that doesn’t mean people didn’t scramble to get the new Apple model. This is why it was necessary to have mockups that use the current iPhone 11 lineup because it will reflect real life. Using this device as the centerpiece of the mockup and as the canvas for your app design means you are in touch with current trend. The main goal of the mockup is show how your digital product will look when used on actual device whether it is through the iMac, MacBook, iPad or any of the awesome iPhone models.

There are also free mockups all over the internet, so using one for different marketing needs like pitching or advertising is not really a problem. They also come in free PSD or free Sketch. It is just about getting it right. One great example is Mediamodifier’s free mockups.

The digital shop Ramotion store also has its own professional-looking mockups. Among its bestseller is the iPhone X clay mockup. The mockup is minimalist but it will definitely save its purpose when you want to show off a powerful design. The minimalist aspect of it will allow the power to back the design rather than the other effects of the mockup. The store also has other mockups featuring other favored iPhones like the iPhone XS and the older models like iPhone 7.

Significance of the iPhone mockup

The mobile phone has come a long way since the digital cellular phones came out in the early 1990s. It used to be solely used for verbal communication. Then texting happened. Now, there are so many ways to communicate through the cellphone, now more popularly referred to as smartphone. You can now communicate through calls, texts, emails, DMs, WhatsApp and so many other ways.

But your phone is more than just a device for communication, it is also where you access websites, use mobile applications, read books, listen to music, monitor your fitness, and so much more. So the iPhone mockup is really the best canvas to show off your digital products and designs. This is why there are so many iPhone mockup templates you can download off the internet—either for free or not—that you can use to enrich your product presentations.

It doesn’t matter what kind of design or mockup you are gunning for: flat designs, photorealistic iPhone and stationery mockup—these can all be ensconced in an iPhone mockup. The mockups have also gotten really interesting because it can vary from just featuring the iPhone to the iPhone becoming almost an accessory because of the setup involved.

Here are some real-world setups of mockups that will first make you scratch your head. But when you give it a second glance, you will realize that it is a real-world setup. You do have your phone in that weird place in real life.

3 real-life iPhone mockups

iPhone in Bathroom Mockup

So the setup is a sink setup where a tray holds two face towels and a facial wash pump container. The iPhone is placed on top of the face towels. The first time you see this, you might think: why would I bring an iPhone inside the bathroom? It might get wet! But admit it, you bring your iPhone in the bathroom especially when you are doing the #2 and you don’t want to get bored. Or it could be because you are in the shower and you want to sing-along to some music. So obviously, you use this kind of mockup template when you are showcasing a music app. It also works for podcasts—when you want to at least be entertained while doing necessary but mundane things.

iPhone in Kitchen Mockup

There are various setups showcasing a kitchen mockup. One could be the iPhone beside a basket of different kinds of vegetables, a pot, salt and pepper set and wooden spoon. You might think that the iPhone seems out of place there. But the narrative here is that you usually use your phone to look at recipes or YouTube videos on how to cook a certain dish. So when you really think about it, the iPhone is actually in the proper place. This mockup works if your digital product has something to do with recipes: a cooking app, website with recipes, an e-book for various dish recipes.

iPhone on Grass

The iPhone is a favorite companion for people who want to do some exercise. The iPhone provides the music and there are also certain applications that can monitor your health-related functions: heart rate, pulse rate. There are also various apps that will count the steps you have made during the day. So why was the iPhone on the grass? Because you have just finished your run around the park and after doing some cool-down exercises, you are relaxing on the grass. The iPhone is there showing some health-related applications or whatever digital product you are trying to showcase to clients.

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