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Top 3 Beginner Level After Effect Templates from BlueFX

Creating a video is easy to do. However, for creating a good-quality video, you need to know the right angle, best position, as well as the technique to capture the image in a video. Now, how about if you want to create a perfect and interesting video? You won’t need only technique and knowledge here. But, supporting software, like After Effects, is also needed.

Speaking about After Effects, you might need the template to make your job easier. So, here, we have top 3 After effects templates you can use. They are all sample file. However, that’s enough to give you a base to create a magnificent effect on your video. By the way, these are the template from BlueFX. Let’s get started!

BlueFX Free After Effects Logo Animation Template

As you can see from its name, this is the template that will help you to animate any logo or text on your video. If you plan to create an interesting pop-up text on your video to explain the scene, you can use this template. Or, if you want to create a news-like logo effect, or you actually create a news video content, this template can help you to do that.

The good thing about this free ae templates is it’s designed for a beginner. So, even though you never used After Effects previously, you can still use this template without a problem. And, with little bit creativity, you can create a professional-like result with it.

BlueFX 3 Animated Backgrounds Template

This is also another good template you can try. Just like its name, you will get 3 backgrounds template you can use on your project. All of them are animated, so you can easily create a dynamic effect with them. Moreover, in this template, you can easily change the colors of each part of the background. This will give you more freedom to create the look that you want.

This template also has perfect loop animation, which is very helpful, if you plan to make a long video with a dynamic background. Just use it on your green screen background to create video presentation or news, and you are done. It will make your video looks like the video you can watch on the TV.

These templates are created by using After Effects CS5. However, you also get the raw file that you can open on other video editing software. That means you can change these Free Files even further into the background that completely new.

BlueFX Christmas Snow Templates

Do you want to create a nice background for your Christmas video? This template can help you do that. It creates a nice snowflake effect on the background. The good thing about this template is how the creator uses the Depth of Field effect on the snow particles. It makes them looks like a real one. The closer it is to your screen, it becomes clearer. And, the snow particle on the back looks blurred.

And, just like the other BlueFX AE Projects and templates, you can edit each element in this template for free. You can change the colors. Or, if you want, you also can add text. You can add the green screen as well, to add extra video to it. We can say that you have more freedom to create Christmas video with this template.

The Benefits of BlueFX Templates

Three templates that we explained above are our favorites. They are easy to use, plus we can edit them like what we want. However, the great thing about the BlueFX templates are each of them also is equipped with a video tutorial. Yes, they are easy to use. But, with a video tutorial, it makes everything become much easier. You also can avoid any mistake that can ruin your project.

The elements in the template are also pre-rendered. Therefore, you don’t need any plug-in, if you want to use it. You just need the Adobe After Effects software. Open the template files with this software and you are ready to create the video effect that you want.

Now, whenever you need to add a nice effect to your video, you can use these Free templates. Tweak them a little, and you will get good video with nice effect.

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