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Why is there a lack of focus on quality while hiring .NET developers?

It’s hardly news that ASP.NET has evolved to be the leader of application development frameworks. Companies, large and startups, are attempting to leverage the benefits of this technology for the best of their business interests. The growing traction is a direct result of the multi-dimensional capabilities of ASP.NET framework and how it seamlessly glides service providers over their adversaries.

Yet, the focus on hiring quality ASP.NET developers seems to be missing somewhere. The experienced programmers are more than equipped to create cracker-jack applications with unerringly high performance levels. But despite the fact, it is common to see companies investing in average quality programmers who are not adept enough for creating top gear applications.


The practice, however, isn’t followed without reasons – few of which are justifying enough.

Marketing Takes the Product Above and Beyond any Qualitative Constraints

Just like a Friday movie that receives the worst of reviews but still ends up raking billions at box office, an average application can be happily lapped up by the eager customers if the marketing gone into promoting it has hit all the right notes. When you create too much noise in the market, riding on a not so special offering, you are either headed towards a financial doom, or your gamble is about to pay off.  Curiously, the latter seems to be in vogue in this age. Disappointed users fail to ring as loud as the buyers who are more than content with whatever is coming their way, because that ‘whatever’ comes gleefully packaged. Hence, the product might lack the technical finesse, but if it is marketed appropriately and is coherent enough to use, it is more likely to earn big bucks for its makers.

At the same time, being earnest towards creating an ASP.NET application with incredible features and high responsiveness might not evoke favorable results if you rush the product to the market without an effective branding strategy. All the time spent on injecting ground-breaking features may turn out to be an exercise in futility if the product fails to make inroads into the market, with lack of promotion to be held accountable. Irrespective of the quality and capability of a product, it has to be advertised in a manner most effective.

So, if you can sell without being sworn to quality, why invest to hire costly personnel.

Customers Don’t Bother With Code Finesse

When companies have a short-tem sight, they do not pay heed to the fact that the clutter-laden code can’t be reused in the future. All that matters is that the customer’s have little or nothing to do with the code quality. The programs might be written in a clumsy manner, but if they are performing their intent, that serves to be the reasonable yardstick for their success. How it looks on the outside is what will determine how it disappears from the stands to the buyer’s buying boxes. The sleek interface, clean lines and reasonably thrilling experience while you are playing a game is what sells and brings in bucks.

Substandard Code Takes Time to Break

Sustainability is a serious concern with a code that is written by not so expert programmers. However, in the IT ambit, the application success isn’t measured on that scale. The applications make their way out of the market long and before they became susceptible to wearing off phenomenon.

So, then, how well do you stack it up with mediocre set of programmers to serve you? Good enough, while it lasts.

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