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How Technology is Changing the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry involves a lot of tedious work and time. Given how fast technology improves, you can count on the industry to change at a rapid-fire pace, pushing the frontiers of convenience for hoteliers and managers. Technology even allows people who aren’t in the business to be able to accommodate guests for a certain amount of money. But for those who wish to make it big in the hospitality industry, there are numerous ways technology can make the tasks much less of a hassle to accomplish.

Technology-Boosted Maintenance

When guests have stayed at a hotel, left their rooms, and checked out, maintenance is also another obstacle to overcome. Collecting towels, bedsheets, pillowcases, and curtains from every single room is quite a tedious task. Also, dividing the time between cleaning out the rooms and washing all of the linens would likely involve a certain amount of trial-and-error, just to get a good balance out of it — but even then, it would still be inefficient. However, smart washing machines make it much easier to divide the time and get the work done quickly.

Firms like cgilaundry.com produce commercial washing machines with smart technology that allow users to set washing instructions with a simple, easy to use, keypad. These commercial washers also allow for the more efficient usage of resources which allows its users to save on electricity and water bills.

For keeping the linens crisp, Continental Girbau also has a line of flatwork ironers, which are much more efficient in ironing linens safely and quickly. They come with an optional folding feature that uses photo-cellular technology to calculate the size of the linen and fold it based on the detected size. This allows for less manual work and more efficiency.

Surely, any guest would appreciate the cleanliness of a hotel room. Comfortable and clean towels and beds are crucial to the experience of any guest. As such, being able to maintain each room would be great for business.

Social Media

Technology has made the communication lines between businesses and guests much clearer, faster, and more convenient. For instance, getting more people to know about hotels, to canvas around for good deals, and to book hotel rooms is made much easier through social media and travel websites. In fact, there are a lot of successful hotels which maintain a strong social media presence as online visibility has the potential to attract more guests.

Through websites like Trivago, Agoda, or even Facebook, it has become much easier for hotels to reach their target audience. All one needs to do is to set up a page for their hotel in websites like these, and have decent pictures of the rooms and available amenities.

When all’s said and done, technology has done a lot to help the hospitality business deliver more in terms of quality service. It also made it much easier for aspiring hoteliers to be able to start their own hotels. There’s no telling what technology could do next to help an industry grow and flourish.

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