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FPPT: Free High-Quality Pre-Made Slide Templates for Presentations

Many under-prepared and ill-equipped presenters, as well as poorly made presentations all give way to what is called Death by PowerPoint. And when this happens, both the audience and the presenter lose. Presenters miss their opportunity to communicate their message, while the audience members are left confused, uninspired, and simply bored from sitting through a deck, wishing they were somewhere else.

However, that really shouldn’t be the case. The problem also can be the solution, with the right tools and resources. And this is where FPPT comes in.

Your Ultimate Presentation Resource Portal

FPPT, also known as Free PowerPoint Templates, is an online resource that offers a vast array of free PowerPoint backgrounds, themes and template designs for PowerPoint. Not only that; the website also offers countless tips, tricks, and insights into public speaking and presenting to help you become better. All these resources are also available for free, allowing you plenty of opportunities to become a better and more confident presenter.

With over 10,000 free and professionally designed, high-quality and free presentation templates available in FPPT, you’ll never run out of inspiration on your next presentation. Whether your next talk is about something very general or niche-specific, you can find the template that will help boost your confidence in presenting as well as help your audience better understand your message without being bored out of their wits.

In fact, FPPT offers many generic templates that you can reuse multiple times and easily customize each time to give it your own flair. However, don’t let the term “generic” fool you. The templates aren’t any run-off-the-mill ones you can find just about anywhere. There are still high-quality templates that are versatile and can be used for a wide range of topics and purpose. And since these are made specially for PowerPoint, you can capitalize on the program’s wonderful features and advanced tools to help you make the most of your template.

Find the Perfect Template for Any Topic or Theme

There are also highly specialized presentation templates for specific topics, whether it’s for school, business, community, or personal use. Still, these templates can easily be customized, especially if you want it to reflect your personality or your brand.

Aside from these, there are also background designs, animated slides, and graphic packages. These are single or stand-alone slides that you can insert to your already existing presentation, or to any deck you may create. You can also customize these slides to match the rest of your slideshow.

Most of the templates are compatible with major presentation tools, offering support not only for Microsoft PowerPoint but also for OpenOffice, Keynote or even Google Slides.

Enjoy the Benefits of High-Quality Pre-Made Slide Templates

FPPT is free to use, and you have no obligation to subscribe or become a member of anything. All the resources and the templates are also available for free, so you can download any template that you want.

You can enjoy many benefits from using this portal, one of which is time savings. Instead of creating your slideshow from scratch, you can cut your time by at least half when you’re using pre-made templates. No more figuring out what design you’ll use, or which layout to use for what. You can also find that these templates may even come with their own set of graphics which are helpful for visualizing your information and therefore keeping your presentation concise.

Furthermore, having the presentation taken care off and in great shape, you can focus more on your speech or your research. You have more time doing other things that are important in helping you deliver the best presentation. You also become more confident knowing that your presentation looks great and you can easily follow the flow.

You can check out the benefits for yourself once you start using the free templates from

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