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Your New Meeting Assistant, Charlie, Hits iOS

In the business world, meetings are, at the same time, good and evil. They are good because they are, quite often, means to make new contacts, get contracts and close sales, but they can also have downsides, like the stress that is often tied to them (especially if they are important), the amount of meetings that makes people run like crazy, and others.

Also quite usual is not knowing everything about them, whether we are talking about the meetings themselves, or the people that will be at that meeting. And this information can be important, as empathy can often lead to more openness to making deals – if a client realizes you are well informed about them, they will look at you like a true professional, being more inclined to close the deal.

So, unless you are someone very organized or have some kind of personal assistant, keeping track of all those things can be a real struggle. But now there is an app that aims to change this by making these problems go away: let’s meet Charlie, an app that is being launched today for iOS.

Developed by Charlie Contacts Corp., a North American company based in Chicago, this app briefs you on the people and companies you are about to meet with, minutes before every calendar appointment. Know what you share in common, their professional background, their passions, company information, and more.

Charlie works by integrating with your calendar and, then, performing a study on the people and/or companies you will be meeting with and pulling information from places like Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. The results of that study are then presented in a neat and convenient one-pager report with several different items of information.

If you want to take a look on what Charlie can do before installing the app, take these two profiles made by the service: Leah Busque, founder and CEO at TaskRabbit, and Niraj Shah, CEO and co-founder at Wayfair. Charlie is very easy to use and very effective at its job, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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