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5 Travel Apps for Exploring Exotic Islands

The thought of an exotic island adventure brings visions of spectacular coastal landscapes. However, trips to idyllic destinations require careful planning. The task can become time-consuming and a bit overwhelming when choosing the perfect location.

In order to make the most of your experience, make the planning process easier by using an app containing detailed information about your destination. Travel apps enable you to plan your vacation efficiently while equipped with insider knowledge and tips. Try the following five apps that might just help you organize your trip to one of these exotic destinations.

Enjoy Bali

Enjoy Bali

Bali is an Indonesian island and it is a part of the Coral Triangle. This is an area in the west part of the Pacific Ocean which has more than 600 species of coral along with a high diversity of other aquatic life. Active volcanoes, ancient palaces, temples and untamed jungles are all part of the allure of Bali. The island is also renowned for its cultural dance, music, leather, painting and sculpture.

The Enjoy Bali app features a wealth of information about the island. It can help you learn about the culture through the eyes of an expat. It allows you to find children’s activities, boating excursions, deep-sea fishing trips or the best snorkeling and diving locations. You can easily learn about child care services, emergency medical facilities or rental equipment outlets. The app also features a map of the island and detailed information about the top 25 recommended activities and attractions.


Magical pink sandy beaches and clear blue waters of Bermuda attract guests from around the world. The many natural coral reefs remain popular with undersea adventurers for the diverse marine life and variety of shipwrecks. The reefs also protect the islands from the ravages of tropical storms. is a great place to start planning your getaway to this exotic island. The app features maps of the destination along with cruise ship guides. You can see picturesque images of locations and have your questions answered by one of the locals. The comprehensive app enables would-be guests to find everything desired along with offering the chance to pre-book activities and tours.

Hawaii Travel Guide

Hawaii Travel Guide

The Hawaiian archipelago is famous for its diverse landscape including tropical rain forests, volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls and beautiful beaches. It is one of the best locations for surfing and various other water activities. Along with the amazing scenery, visitors remain captivated by the Hawaiian culture and heritage of the location that is filled with various legends and the legacy of the Hawaiian royal family.

The Go Hawaii app provides a comprehensive and continually updated guide to all of the islands and their individual cities. It can help you can find the most scenic destinations, the best beaches, the best restaurants and nightlife locations. It also allows you to get in touch with a travel specialist to make your stay in Hawaii more enjoyable. For your convenience, the downloaded app is fully functional offline.

Fiji Island

Fiji Island

The country of Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands and it is one of the most affordable exotic locations for enjoying a vacation, hosting a wedding or indulging in a honeymoon experience. It is famous for beautiful palm-lined beaches, lagoons, and coral reefs. Fiji’s rich cultural heritage is the result of a combination of native, Asian, European and Indian influences

The Fiji Island app is equipped with a My Trip Planner function that allows you to detail your itinerary. You can learn all about Fiji’s islands and their customs before leaving for the airport. In addition to getting information about all of the islands’ activities, attractions, and hotspots, you can easily find the time schedules of local transportation services.

The Islands of Tahiti

The Islands of Tahiti

This island in the French Polynesia is renowned for the mutiny of the HMS Bounty in 1788. The spectacular tropical destination features black and white sandy beaches bordered by clear turquoise waters and lush vegetation-covered mountains.

The Islands of Tahiti is an app published by Tahiti Tourisme, the official Tahiti tourism site. The app is a guide which enables guests to learn about popular points of interest, cultural activities, accommodations, dining and shopping areas. You can plan your trip around specific events or festivities. The app can help you explore the neighboring islands and scan highlights of the destination through an array of images. Once downloaded, the maps remain available offline. You can also pinpoint your location in order to easily navigate to different locations.

Final Word

Taking the time to plan your trip in advance allows more time to actually become immersed in your experience once you arrive at your exotic destination. These apps can help you plan your vacation and allow you to enjoy a carefree adventure. After enjoying the convenience of individual travel apps, you will probably never venture to other locations without their assistance.


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