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A Useful Guide to Competitive Gaming

The word ‘gaming’ is used to describe the playing of electronic sports, more usually shortened to esports. One who plays esports is then called a gamer. Esports is a relatively new sport compared to the older traditional sports having only come into existence during the early 1970s. Esports are video games.

For these games to be called electronic sports they must be played in a competitive set up, in a tournament or league setting and the competitors must be playing for an award or prize. So all esports are video games but not all video games are not esports. Check examples of esports on

To provide a useful guide for someone who is an esports beginner is not exactly easy. To provide an effective guide it is necessary to do this step by step.

Identify the Game

There are a multitude of esports games around. As a beginner wanting to learn the ropes in the hope of probably turning professional later on it is wise to choose and decide on one particular esports game you want to specialise in. Choosing one particular game helps you focus. You learn the set up more quickly and will generally help you plan ahead.

Choose a Game that You Enjoy

Choosing one game is the best way to go? When choosing your game make sure you choose a game that you enjoy. It makes sense because if you choose to concentrate on just any game the chances of losing interest and enthusiasm for it are high.

Practice Hard

Competitive gaming systems have the capability to keep track of how well your game is progressing and improving. Most gaming systems will match you with opponents who are at the same level of play as yourself. This means the more your game improves the tougher the opposition that you are matched with. So it is essential that as a beginner you practice hard. In fact, we should say practice long and hard. The professionals testify to this. Some put in as much as 10 hours of practice every single day.

Team Building

It is important to remember that in esports there will always come a time when you will be required to play as part of a team. It is therefore very wise to join and become part of a team. Playing as a team helps bring out that competitive spirit so essential to improving your game whilst at the same time imbedding and reinforcing a team spirit in yourself. The majority of the top esports professionals have reached the top through team membership. It helps to play with team members who are more experienced than yourself as you will learn new skills, how to strategize and how to execute. It is an effective way to gain an in depth-knowledge of the game. It also helps you to gauge and access your own gameplay so you know your strong areas and those areas which need working on.

Live a Balanced Lifestyle

Playing esports probably has two major disadvantages. The first is that it is what might be called a sedentary game,that is you practice and play it whilst seated and there is very little muscle movement. This lack of exercise can be very harmful to your health and wellbeing. So make sure you balance things and create time for some physical exercise. The second danger is that you can become addicted to the game. Let’s not confuse having a passion for the game which is a big plus and being addicted which can cause problems. There have been cases of gamers becoming so attached to the game such that they start neglecting themselves, forgetting to take full meals, not doing necessary house chores not leaving time for family or stopping to socialize with friends. This is self-destructive behaviour. So try to balance your lifestyle and make sure to leave time for these seemingly trivial but very important activities.

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