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First Products of Tech Companies

Sony, Asus, Microsoft and Nokia – some of the worlds biggest tech companies are household names that are instantly recognisable. It’s strange to think that most of these massive technology companies of today all started from humble beginnings, often with small start-up capital. To start making their way, some of these tech giants made products totally unrelated to what you’d associate with their brand today. Did you know that one of the most famous tech brands actually started out making portable rice cookers around 100 years ago?

One of the most famous tech brands, Apple, started out in Steve Jobs garage. Jobs’ friend, Steve Wozniak, single-handedly designed and built the first Apple I kits in 1976. As the company began to grow, the two friends were able to move out of the garage and begin hiring staff and building a production line. Unlike other companies, Apple have remained with their core product, Macintosh computers, throughout their time. However, most companies diversify substantially as they grow with some surprising results. Every company has a history. Take our quiz to see if you can guess how some of the other tech giants started out and their first products.

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