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Published on April 25th, 2020 | by Sumit Bhowal


Should you or should you not flush flushable wipes?

You run out of toilet paper, and you suddenly remember buying flushable wipes. You use them, and they do a pretty good job in terms of cleaning. You also see the label with the caption flushable wipes; however, are they really flushable? Should you flush them after using it or throw them into the dustbin?

Here’s a break down for you. Because these wet wipes are marketed as flushable, logically, they should be safe to flush, right. Wrong! Yes, they break down eventually, but they take a lot longer time than your usual toilet papers. Because they don’t break quickly, they may become a reason for clogged toilets leading to blockages and overpouring toilet water all over the bathroom. Not a nice picture to imagine. This is the reason why you should not be risking flushing them into the toilet.

Another reason why flushing these wet wipes might not be a good idea is that they might get caught up with other things that are there in your sewer line, causing even more severe problems. Some of the more items that are marketed as flushable are sanitary pads, dental floss, cotton swabs, paper towels, even thick toilet paper, for a matter of fact. But they can also contribute to clogging.


If any of the items come in contact with an additional element, such as flushable wipes, things will only become worse. This is why you need to throw them into the dustbin that you have in your toilet and not flush them. Once the blockage starts to happen, the first thing that you do is google search for a plumber in Atlanta, that will visit your place, remove the items from the pipes, or the sewer line, and let the toilet work again as usual.

There are tests that prove that flushing these flushable wipes are sage, but there are pieces of evidence as well that proves that putting these flushable wipes again and again into the toilet will increase the risk of a clogged sewer. If you don’t have any other thing to use, you may use the flushable wipes, but throw them after that. Toilet paper is here for a reason, and use toilet paper only if you want to flush something. Not the flushable wipes, or any other thing for that matter.

Just because the label says that they are flushable, you should think once, and stop yourself from doing that. If you see plumbing issues happening, especially in the toilet, think about the items that you normally throw away. Wet wipes could be one of the problems for clogging.


In case you face any toilet, clogging issues, or something similar, you should call a plumber in Woodstock right away, so that the professional can come to your place, and get the items removed. Also, do speak to your plumber, and get to know from him as well, if flushable wipes are safe to flush or not.

You can call Mr Rooter Plumbing of Atlanta if flushable wipes get stuck. Only a reliable plumber can get into the root cause of an issue and get it resolved properly. The more experienced the company is, the better the service becomes.

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