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Which are the best CS:GO betting sites

Counter-Strike is one of the most exciting esports out there, and with seemingly every tournament broadcast hooking up with one or more betting site as a sponsor, it’s worth taking a look at the different CS:GO betting opportunities to figure out which offers are worth checking out.

Why CS:GO betting is worth looking into

Betting on CS:GO is a fun way for esports enthusiasts to spice up their viewing experience: there’s nothing more exciting than watching the team you’ve wagered your hard-earned money on making an unexpected comeback, vindicating your prediction and also netting you some pocket change in the process. CS:GO bets make you all the more invested in the outcome of the games and it also serves as an opportunity to make some money if you truly know your stuff.

It goes without saying that the well-known, well-established ventures like Bet365, Dafabet, Pinnacle, Betway, William Hill, Coral, Unibet & Ladbrokes and others of a similar ilk are worth taking a look at as they rapidly expand their esports offerings – especially if you’re interested in betting on traditional sports as well –, however, a multitude of esports-specific websites have also sprung up in the wake of the rapid growth of competitive gaming. These sites profess to be more in tune with the grassroots scene and the niche interests of gamers, featuring special gamification-related tools plus other bells and whistles aimed specifically at this audience. (Pro tip: of they spell it as “eSports”, they don’t know what they’re doing!)

Their growing involvement means that the esports betting market will continue to feature sites trying to gain market share by offering more favorable odds and bettor-friendly opportunities than their competitors. They tend to offer a wider selection of matches and esport titles, better and more relevant prop bets, not to mention a faster turnover. The strong competition in the space also pushes these sites towards providing better value for their customers – not just in terms of features but signup and deposit bonuses as well. The newcomers also have a lot of previous successes and failures to look at and learn from, enabling them to provide even better service. All this makes esports betting in 2019 a much more enticing proposition than it has ever been in the past.

The best CS:GO betting sites

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best CS:GO betting sites from the world of esports:


Our number one recommendation is the esports-exclusive Rivalry, a site which was one of the first actors in the space with a clear commitment to taking regulations seriously, boasting an Isle of Man license alongside many country-specific ones. They even offer a free-to-play experience called Thunderdome for the fans who are currently outside their jurisdiction, and their focus on esports is also showed by their extended news and analysis content offerings, making it the best CS:GO betting site in our analysis.


If you’ve watched any of the recent large CS:GO tournaments, chances are, was one of the sponsors of it. This makes it pretty clear that they’re committed to the esports world, and their sleek and elegant website design makes it extra fun to spend time on betting if you use their site

3. EGB

EGB (sometimes styled as is one of the larger dedicated esports betting sites with a wide variety of titles, extensive live betting and a pretty hefty deposit bonus to offer alongside a wide variety of deposit options. They also have one of the standard international betting licenses as they are regulated by the Jurisdiction of Curacao.

4. ArcaneBet

ArcaneBet drills pretty deep when it comes to esports, offering bets on even fairly small tournaments. They also have a quite extensive range of prop bets available, closely focusing on the special elements of the esports scene. If skins are a thing you fancy, they also take deposits in the form of this virtual currency, somewhat of a rarity nowadays among the larger CS:GO betting sites.


This Cyprus-based bookmaker boasts extensive betting coverage of the esports world and competitive betting bonuses. Interestingly, is one of the select esports betting sites which offer both withdrawals and deposits for Bitcoin, the popular cryptocurrency.

So what are you waiting for? Spice up your CS:GO tournament viewing experience and check out one of these sites!

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