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KENT CamEye – The Perfect Gift for Your Family This Festive Season

In India, the issue of car security has multiplied over the years as the number of cars has increased on the roads. People struggle every day to keep their vehicles and loved ones safe when they are on the road. Installing a GPS tracker in such conditions can give peace of mind as it will continuously keep you updated on the current location of your car and family. It becomes essential to invest in a car GPS tracker to monitor all-round safety. No matter what the GPS tracker price in india is, you want to make sure that no harm comes to your family.

We’re aware that the importance of car security devices increases during the festive season as people tend to commute more than usual. A GPS tracker can be helpful in such cases for safeguarding your loved ones who are traveling during day and night. There are numerous such devices available in the market, but one stands out amongst all is KENT CamEye. There are many features which the device offers, such as live-location tracking, dual-camera, inbuilt mic & speaker, real-time alerts, and much more. KENT CamEye is in sync with your 21st-century safety requirements and is loaded with features.

Features and Benefits of KENT CamEye

1. Ensures Your Loved One’s Safety

A Dash Cam with GPS car tracker helps you know the real-time location of your loved ones traveling in the car. The device has a dual-camera system that lets you keep an inside out check of the vehicle. You can check their trip status anytime on your mobile phone or the monitoring device connected. Thus, making sure of the safety of your loved ones during any time of the day.

2. Keeps a Check on Quality of Driving

The dash cam with car GPS tracking device allows you to keep a check on the car speed when either your chauffeur or teen is behind the wheel. If any case of over speeding occurs, the device will immediately send you notifications via text or mail. Thus, keeping a check on the car speed, which makes sure of the safety of your loved ones and the car.

3. Provides Real-Time Alert

CamEye provides real-time alerts in cases of an idle engine, running AC, over speeding, loud cabin noise, and more. The device will immediately send you phone alerts, which will ensure that your car and people traveling in it are safe. It also helps you keep an eye on your chauffeur, whether he is taking unauthorized trips or keeping the engine idle for long.

4. Helps Smooth Communication

CamEye has an in-built mic and speaker feature, which lets you connect with your chauffeur in case of his unavailability. You can efficiently contact the driver when his phone is switched off or out of network coverage. With this feature, you can also rectify the behavior or driving quality of your chauffeur.

5. Cloud Storage for Easy Access

The device has cloud storage, which allows videos to be stored directly into an accessible cloud. If any unauthorizes trips have been taken before or there have been some safety concerns, you can check everything on the cloud. The dual-camera system of the device records videos of inside and outside. This feature helps avoids the misuse of your vehicle by your chauffeur and teenager.

Gift KENT CamEye to your loved ones this festive season

Everybody wants their family and friends to be safe, especially when they are on the roads; KENT CamEye helps in ensuring that they have a safe commute. You can set parameters based on artificial intelligence, that can be customized according to the needs. There are many other features KENT CamEye, which provides your loved ones with 360-degree protection.

While other devices have unreasonable car GPS tracker prices and don’t have enough features to provide you with safety on roads, KENT CamEye ensures a safe and stress-free commute. This festive season, show your loved ones that you care about them and gift them 360-degree security. You can easily get it delivered it straight to the doorsteps of your loved ones from the KENT CamEye official Website.

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