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Top Social Media Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2019

“Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing. ”–Chris Brogan, President of New Marketing Labs

The Millennials and non-millennials both are probably two generations that today are no stranger to the world of the world wide web and the Internet of Things. Almost everything that we do and the way we do it has changed thanks to the dawn and development of gadgets and not the forget the World Wide Web. One of the part and parcel that we have got with the internet is a plethora of social media platforms that follow us everywhere we go.

It started off with Orkut and with that let’s just say there was no looking back. Just like a chef comes recipe after recipe of exciting ways of cooking the same thing in new ways, people globally were introduced to an option of social networking platforms that did the same thing with a slight difference. We all know about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and now even WhatsApp and SnapChat. Who knew that all these platforms that are used by us for keeping in touch and posting information could be used for anything else?

As people were introduced to newer ways of keeping in touch and connecting with people professionally, there was another stream that was in the process of getting a massive makeover. Just like people were switching from telephonic conversations to emails and Facebook messenger for communicating, big and small business owners worldwide were adapting to the same change and going global the social media savvy way, when it came to promoting their products and services.

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There is no denying that the power of social media is here to stay and possibly get even more intense with each passing year. In fact, you can read more about the importance of social media. We all are aware that the trends on the global platform are something that is getting constantly revamped, and with the number of people going digital every day, there is no knowing how much it is going to change. However, if you as a business owner are still wondering whether or not you want to be on the bandwagon of the social media marketing rush, here are some insights that might just convince you after all!

Answering the “how many” of the Number of Social Media Users: if someone was to ask me what is the first thing I do, I’ll definitely say that I go through not the newspaper but my Facebook account for a daily update on the newsfeed. That’s just how omnipresent social media has become with all generations. As per the most recent numbers calculated, there are roughly 3.2 billion users of social media worldwide and that accounts for almost 42% of the global population (a huge number that you can tap on to if you decide to go the social media way for marketing).

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Go East, Go West, Facebook is simply the best: believe it or not, Facebook is so much more than just posting photos and videos. Did you know that Facebook is currently one of the most popular mediums for people to advertise and market their products and services as well? And, just in case you missed out on this small detail, as of June 2019, there are over 2.41 billion Facebook users globally (I don’t even know how many zeroes to add to get to a billion!!). Imagine, the huge sea of people your product could get to with just one post on this ultra-popular social media platform!!

Social Media Coverage- Age no Bar: It so happened that one fine day as I was browsing through my newsfeed on Facebook I get an alert that my grandmother sent me a friend request. Not only was I amazed, but I also had to stop and debate whether I should or should not accept her friend request? Such is the non-discriminative nature of the social media world that there is no age bar at all. In fact, it won’t be surprising if as a marketer you actually find all the three generations on the same platform!

It’s Social Media-O- Clock: we all have a set routine and fixed timings to do everything. But, if you want to find out exactly what time people are on the social media platforms, then you will be glad to know that on an average almost 2 hours and 22 minutes is spent per day per person on the same social media platforms. The more people are going social media crazy the more time they end up spending in the online social media world.

Social Media Marketing Right Here and Right Now: most of the marketing and advertising gurus worldwide have already bowed down to the power of the social media marketing medium. In fact, 73% of marketing experts already say that social media marketing is out to become the most effective channel of marketing. When you are reaching such a large percentage of people at the same time, it is a given it will overtake the other traditional modes of marketing.

Customer search ends Socially on Social Media: The huge chunk of people who on an average 2:22 hours of their day on social media platforms at the end are your prospective buyers. According to most recent studies it has been found that 54% of social media browsers are actually there to do online virtual windowshopping.

Social Media Publicity: There was a time when word of mouth publicity was the best way of promoting a brand. But, today it is a known fact that the moment a person has a memorable online shopping experience there are 71% chances that they will recommend it to their friends and family.

As social media experts at GoAssignmentHelp say “Social media marketing is the next big thing which will only increase the reach of products globally and that too with a positive outcome for most business owners.”. The opportunities are plenty and it is still not too late to be a part of this ever-growing social media family.

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