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Online Casino VS Land-based Casino: Which One is Better?

The online gambling industry has seen phenomenal growth since the first digital casinos began to emerge in 1996. It is estimated that there are currently thousands of online gambling establishments, generating an estimated annual revenue of over USD 7,000,000,000. With the ever-expanding growth of the internet, we can assume that the above figure will continue to grow as well.

Virtual gambling has many advantages over traditional land-based casinos. For starters, it can be done anywhere at any time. However, does that make online casinos better?

Let’s examine each type of casino’s factors to determine which one offers a better gambling experience.

  • Language

The language you get served in at a land-based casino largely depends on where that casino is located geographically. Of course, there may be staff who speak multiple languages, but there’s no guarantee they’ll speak your language. Online casinos, by contrast, offer multiple language support. If someone doesn’t speak English, they can still enjoy themselves. Some of the languages provided include Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Czech, German, Hebrew, Turkish, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Korean, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Finnish, French, Dutch, Danish, and Estonian.

  • Currencies

Land casinos require players to purchase chips in the currency of their geographical location. Online casinos, however, let players use various currencies. Therefore two or more people can play the same game using the currency of their country. This eliminates the confusion of converting a foreign currency into your own currency before making a bet.

  • Personal Freedom

There are no dress codes or rules about drinking, eating, or smoking at an online casino. Players can dress how they want, eat and drink what they want, and even smoke. Brick-and-mortar casinos often have rules about these kinds of things. However, what you do eat and drink, you will have to provide yourself. Casinos usually offer a variety of food and drink, often available for free.

  • Cost

Depending on how far a player is from a land-based casino, they may have costs that run into the thousands. Players who visit casinos often have to pay for accommodation, transportation, and meals. Virtual players don’t have these expenses. All they require is an internet connection.

  • Personal Privacy

There is a degree of personal privacy online that is just not available in the real-world. Brick-and-mortar casinos will film you from the time you enter the establishment to the time you leave. Everything you do is recorded. Online, however, you can be relatively anonymous. You don’t have to reveal yourself to other players, and you can play without having a camera film your every move.

  • Fewer Distractions

Land casinos often employ a variety of distractions to decrease a player’s focus so they’ll lose money more easily. This can include things like flashing lights, free alcohol, music, machine sounds, and a lack of windows and clocks, so you lose track of time. When you play online, these distractions don’t exist.


While nothing beats the glamour and excitement of a real-live casino, online gambling is just more comfortable and convenient. Land casinos are great if you want a night out, but online casinos are the way to go for regular gameplay.

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