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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Web Design Templates

When trying to improvise your website, there are several factors to contemplate. How you may host your site, which CMS to use, and whom you may hire to create and maintain your website. According to Globalgraphics, a Web design toronto company, building a website is an advanced method with many decisions to make. However, the choice to use a template or a custom web design is a key decision you will make. Relying on client friendly webdesign modules such as whmcs client theme will ease this worry and helps you decide faster on the colour scheme, design layout etc. Hence, it is crucial to consider these problems before starting your web development project. Those are among the most vital options you need to consider when it comes to improvising your site whether you are reaching to use designmodo website templates or trying to produce a custom web style. With a custom website, you begin from the bottom up, using HTML, CSS, and PHP to craft a site that fulfills your desires and your brand specifically. When using a template, however, you can choose from many pre-made website frameworks that you will be able to synthesize your demand. Every of those option has its advantages and disadvantages. This decision is going to be determined by your individual needs. Here are some of the benefits of using a website design template:

Easy Setup

When making a template, developers should keep in mind that it will be used to perform a spread of functions and it will be utilized by people with all levels of development experience. As a result, your template can typically go with vast amounts of built-in functionality, widgets, and choices. It can make your job of putting contents in the website more comfortable in addition to providing you with flexibility in making your design.

If you are beginner, templates will provide you with a framework that you will able to plug all of your site’s content with ease. Those with more development expertise can use a template as a jumping-off point for slightly more complicated changes.

Low Prices

Website templates are not only easy to set up in comparison to other methods, but they‌ ‌are also cost-efficient in many ways. The value of setup and development is diminished by maximizing the potential of the template’s built-in features whereas the worth of the template itself is often quite low (usually between $60-$120). This is the case regardless of selecting to hire a website design company to assemble the website for you or not. The time saved in using website templates as the opposed custom website design can prevent a lot of cash on development.

Reliable Updates

Finally, while you purchase a website template, you frequently receive theme updates and support for the future as well. It is an additional facility that keeps your site running and will also minimize bugs. Updates to CMS platforms like WordPress will typically cause theme issues and you have access to get support from the theme developers in such situations which is one of the best advantages of using a website template.


While there are several advantages to using website templates, there are are also a few drawbacks that you need to be aware of. When considering a template for your website, ensure that you keep these in mind:

Difficult To Make Custom Changes

If you are hoping to make an additional custom look for your site other than your chosen template permits, you need to afford higher development time and prices. Typically, it creates more chaos than what it offers. Though templates are much easy to use out-of-the-box, creating custom changes to them is expensive and time-consuming. It is essential to ensure to spend your time for selecting a template that may fit your website design needs. Also, try to verify if all aspects of the chosen style will be easy to modify later. Do not hesitate to ask queries to the developers on the theme’s support forums before purchasing. Nevertheless, if you do not receive a response, go for a theme with an active support team.

Updates And Compatibility Problems

If possible, you should try to know when your theme was created and when the last update of your theme was. If your theme has not been updated in several months and the support forums have gone quiet, it’s probably not receiving support and can cause you problems. If a theme’s developer is inactive and doesn’t provide support when CMS updates and compatibility problems arise, the difficulty you may encounter will not be worthy of the low value of the theme you have purchased.

Building a website is an advanced method with many decisions to make. However, the choice to use a template or a custom web design is a key decision you will make. Hence, it is crucial to consider these problems before starting your web development project.

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