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8 Tips to Create Hyper-Personalized Emails

Of all the marketing techniques, email marketing is arguably the most powerful; many reasons for its effectiveness are explored in this article. Carefully crafted copy and well-targeted subject lines can spark the reader’s curiosity, encouraging them to open your emails and, hopefully, complete your call to action. Further, the aggravation of abandoned shopping carts on a website can be put right by creative abandoned cart emails and bring back your audience for another look. But what is the magic behind this?

How to Craft the Most Engaging Emails

Behind successful email marketing is personalization. The human touch is powerful and makes us feel seen and valued. Once we get hold of our target audience’s demographic information, we can deliver the most relevant content to the right person at the optimal time, resulting in better chances of engagement.

Hyper-personalization takes this a step further, adding information obtained from your audience’s online behavior, such as browser history, social media posts, transactions and researched pain points As most people receive a multitude of emails every day, we have to dig deep to bring something fresh, to build a connection and to avoid being overlooked.

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1. Do your homework!

Information is power when it comes to personalization, and research and data are at the center. Of course, email marketing platforms like Active Campaign or Sendlane, who have behavior-based, data-driven automation features, can make this much easier. Here are a few ways you can find the information you need to properly utilize hyper-personalisation:

  • Research your target demographic’s social media movements
  • Follow your high-value B2B targets and pay attention to industry trigger events and other disruptions in the news
  • Use software to collect data on B2C customers’ online behavior

2. Be choosy!

It can require a lot of work and time to collect the information needed to design the most effective hyper-personalized emails. This means that you’ll want to pick and choose which emails you put the most effort into. You can make this decision by:

  • Allowing customers to be choosy, too! A/B test what works best for each segment or even just one single important lead.
  • Sending requests for quick reviews of products and services so customers can tell you their preferences.

3. Keep it light!

Make them smile and they will follow you everywhere! Here are a few suggestions on how to do this:

Use a fun subject line: “Remember us?”

When suggesting reasons to purchase your goods or service, add one or two light-hearted reasons to the more genuine ones.

  • Use images, animated gifs and color to draw the eye.
  • Gamify your email.
  • Keep text minimal so as not to distract from the CTA.

4. Celebrate!

Who wouldn’t read a celebratory email singing your praises for a successful year, a new leadership position, an award, some new funding or a published article?

5. Offer solutions!

Showing you understand is the best way to build rapport with customers. Doing research on pain points allows you to make suggestions on how your product or service will help. Identifying trigger events can support you in offering support just when your audience needs it!

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6. Find what they love!

Discovering your audiences’ passion is the key to their heart! This is where social media comes into play. Check their profiles for posts, mentions, comments and so on. You could find your audience loves a certain travel destination, hobby, musical artist, sport or sports team. Use this information to your advantage by slipping it into your email copy, which will help to build loyalty and make your customers feel valued and listened to.

7. Tailor your customer experience!

Give your leads and prospects the feeling you are talking directly to them. Not only can you use data to send relevant, timely and personal messages, but you can create a personalized landing page. Segment your leads in whatever way makes sense and build emails and landing pages relevant to each segment. Providing a consistent and unified experience builds your brand credibility.

8. Make it easy!

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The email design should be such that the CTA button is easy to find – perhaps in more than one place in the email. You should also avoid including distracting, clickable links or menus. Your aim is to get them to open your email and then click through to your website, so make sure to create easy to read and clickable buttons.

Data is the key to making your emails personalized and effective, helping you reach the right target at the optimal time with the most appealing content. If you are looking to improve click through rate, this is your way forward.

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