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Ways to Ensure Long Term Success for Your Mobile App

It would be fair to say that the public has a very short memory. This is vouched for by many mobile app development companies who are really cut up about it. And, they have every reason to be.

Apps, that are developed after months of research and then skillfully marketed – are generating initial curiosity followed by downloads. But then it is completely forgotten, rarely used and finally deleted by the unimpressed public.

A lot of investment, effort and capability is going to waste. App development companies need to work out moves that could help keep the app alive in the minds of customers for a long time to come.

Steps for long-term success

Create Apps that Your Users Will Always Need

The first step needs to be a complete understanding of who the users of your app are going to be. It should not be something that appeals to you only –customer satisfaction is the main goal here. It is therefore a waste of time to create something that does not appeal to them. The app needs to address real people with real problems.

Investing in market research is a good proposition because it will help to not only identify the prospective users, but also the problem areas they face and what have been done so far by other app development companies to redress the issues.

Scalable design is an advantage

Although, not very easy to implement, scalability if the project always helps in reworking on future alterations, keeping in mind changes in the market and consumer preferences. Mobile app developers would do well to follow this principle because it helps them to innovate it later with newer functionalities.

Customer feedback

The importance of customer feedback cannot be over emphasized. Often it is a good practice for developers to reach out to consumers directly and answer their complaints. Feedback is a major component for analytics too, as these can be sent directly to the support team and glitches resolved in quick time.

Another way of dealing directly with customer satisfaction is by launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that has just about enough features to satisfy initial customers and gather feedback for future development. Gathering insights on a continuous basis helps in keeping the relevancy of the mobile app alive for a long time.

Update and amend

For any app, updating is a crucial feature. It is one way of ensuring that users get the latest bug fixes. It also lets them know that you are constantly thinking about improving their UX (User Experience).

Launching the MVP ensures valuable feedback, which when acted upon can improve the performance of any mobile app quickly, ensuring zero negative feedback.

Make sure to add a great feature with every update and encourage users to respond to any new changes.

It is common knowledge that people download apps, play around with it for a few minutes and then completely forget about it.

In fact, Silicon Valley analyst, Andrew Chen, has published a very poignant statistic regarding mobile app usage a year ago. On his website, Chen has said that 77% of users forget about an app within three days of downloading it. In a month, 90% of users stop using it and by a month and a half, only 5% of users continue to use the app.

This cannot be good news for any mobile app development company in the market today. They need to stay connected with users for a considerable period to ensure the long-term success of an app they launch.


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