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About Wall Art: How to Turn into Canvass, How to Choose, Styles, Frames, How to Hang, Sizes

Some accessories are very vital for that awesome captivating ambiance of your wall. Whether it is the wall of your children’s room, your office, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, or living room, the experience should be the same; an unforgettable experience.

It is not uncommon for people to find themselves undecided about their wall affairs–yes, that a thing. But, with Elephant Stock you have easy answers and solutions for everything wall arts

Read on to learn more on how to turn wall art print on canvas, how to choose the styles, frames, how to hang, and even what the right sizes should be.

How to Choose the Styles:

Your style of wall art is your personal decision. However, this would be dependent on whether you are a minimalist, impressionist, contemporary, abstract, etc. lover. Whatever your preferred choice is, you should be mindful of the quality, durability, and visual alignment of your chosen wall art with your pre-existing pieces of furniture, ceiling, and flooring’s hue.

How to Turn Wall Art into Canvass:

Whether it is an 8” × 8”, 32” × 48” etc. photo you are using, you need to ensure it fits in seamlessly into the photo frame. You can use any of the increasing numbers of photo editing applications and software to edit your photo with a computer, print it out, insert your edited picture into the framed canvass and hang it on your wall. Depending on the circumstance, an adhesive glue or gum to stick the photo to the canvas may be necessary.

How to Hang Your Wall Art:

A nail, hammer, ladder, pencil, and a tape rule may be needed in hanging your wall art on the wall.

Depending on the size of your wall art, you would need to measure out the size of the wall art and then measure it out on your preferred space on your wall, and then mark it out slightly on your wall.

Thereafter, you mark out the nail point. Put your nail on the marked-out portion, and nail in with the hammer with one or more hits, depending on the texture of the wall. Remember you are not expected to drive in the whole nail. Leave an inch or half to connect the hinge of the wall art to the nail.

Thereafter, you can now hang your wall art.

What Size:

The size of your wall art is dependent on some factors, the prime of which is the actual size of your wall. A small wall would likely be suitable for oversized wall art. Hence the need to ensure you measure out your preferred location for the wall art. This would help you know the dimensions before purchasing that exotic wall art. Oversized wall art does no good to the beauty of your wall, so also tiny obscure wall art. Essentially, you need to find out the right fit for your wall to avoid any rueful experience. Good luck!

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